Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Our House

Awhile ago Kris did a "where you live" that showed posts of her house and property. I meant to do it back then, but just never got around to taking the pictures, so today I went out and took them. We live on an L shaped piece of land, 10 acres, a split level house and a 10 stall barn with a tack room and washrack. Our house faces the west, we have two small paddocks that both have gaits to the pasture. We ride in the north one and the south one is always open to the pasture. So here are my pictures:

Our house from the road

The road from the SE corner of the house

The barn from the SE corner of the house

The property from the NE corner of the North paddock, we go back to the trees and across two other properties in to the end of ours.

The barn from the NE corner of the North paddock.

Our patio

The back of the garage

The front of the house - T & J's rooms upstairs.

My Daisies

I tag anyone who wants to play along!

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Finn said...

Hi Sara, Happy 4th of July weekend!
Such pretty pictures of your place. It's very attractive and how wonderful to have all those acres for the families use. Enjoy!
Hugs, Finn