Monday, June 30, 2008

Remaining Weekend Fun!

Saturday and Sunday were as busy as the rest of the weekend, but it was nice and relaxing for the most part.

Saturday J, TJ and I showed. We didn't place, but that's okay. It was pretty windy and raining for part of the time with a severe thunderstorm warning in the area. Rich had the tournament draw for baseball so we went to the show in the morning, he left and then came back with Shannon. Alyssa and Ashley went to get their nails done so they met us at the show after that. Alyssa walked around on Tee for a bit before I went to warm up. Tee and Spike were both great in practice, but when we got in the ring, we got a little nervous. Mom took some pictures and Ashley video taped it. Alyssa got to "show" in a stick horse class and got her own ribbon which was pretty cool. Sunday we were going to show, but after looking at the showbill there was really only one class, maybe two that would have been worth going for so we decided not to go.

I was being lazy

J and Spike

Alyssa and Ginger with her ribbon

Instead of showing, we hung out with kids in the morning and then went to an Akron Aeros game in the afternoon. We had awesome seats right behind home plate, about a third of the way up. It was also Orbit's (the mascot) birthday so there were other mascots from around town there. The Lake County Captain was there (A ball here), the AA mascot for softball (Wheeler), the areana football mascot, the hockey mascot, the Cavs mascot and a few others. It was really great for Alyssa and she managed to get her picture with everyone but the Cavs mascot. Once the game ended we came home and Rich made chicken nachos for dinner and we hung out the rest of the night.

Alyssa dancing with Wheeler (Softball mascot)

Alyssa and I with Orbit

The kids left this morning for home and while we would love for them to be home more we understand. Alyssa tried to take me with her. She really had a great time playing games with the boys, helping in the barn etc. She can't wait to come back and told Grandpa that he needs to take some vacation time!

And today I have been banished to the house, I am still feeling some of the effects from the amiodarone and I got pretty red over the weekend. But its raining so what do I care? Off to work on J's quilt after a little blog reading and catching up with all my blog friends!

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Kristie said...

You always seem to stay so busy! Lots of things to do in the Summer with the kids.

Horse shows are so fun. We haven't shown any this year, we just haven't had time with working on the house so much. Are yours Quarter Horses?? They look like Quarter Horses, from what I can see. We have Tennessee Walkers and some Standard Breeds. One is half Standard bred and hald Quarter Horse, she is also the boss mare around here, but she is a very fast saddle horse and very smooth gaited.