Thursday, July 10, 2008

3.75 miles

That is how far I walked yesterday. I am very happy with that. And I wasn't all that tired! I walked while J was at CC practice. I am so proud of him. He did awesome. They were running about a 2 mile course that included going up and down the football stadium stairs for their "hills". He finished the first lap in 5th out of 20 and the second in 8th! He did so awesome! I am really impressed with his dedication and how well he is doing! He has also taken about 2 minutes off his time since he started running. He was running an 8 minute mile on Tuesday!

Last night Ashley called, Shannon proposed to her. We are happy for her, but we are trying to talk her into eloping or having a very small wedding. They are not sure what they are going to do yet, but they better get thinking about it since they want to get married in either March or April!

No quilting has been done. Its been errands, cleaning up, riding, practices - etc. Just busy stuff. We did plant 21 pumpkin plants the other day. We were actually talking about planting seeds, but there is not enough time for the seeds before Oct so we decided to look at plants. The lady who owns the local green house is sort of friend (LONG story) and said that I could have the plants for 15 cents a piece. So I took all the jack o lanter plants, 3 plants for mini pumpkins and 3 plants for huge pumpkins. I don't have any pictures because they look horrible, but hopefully they will start doing better! They needed to be planted and were starting to have issues with being in pots! I got the 21 pumpkins and 3 tomatoe plants for $4.09! Can't beat that!!

And I am off to work on J's quilt some. We have a show on Saturday so I will post more after that. And I will leave you with this beautiful picture of Alyssa.

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Jacquie said...

Congratulations Sara. That's great! Life does get in the way of crafting sometimes. Terribly busy here too.