Friday, July 18, 2008


Well, we won our first tournament game on Wednesday night. It was close for a bit, the final score ended up being 10-6. What a game. There was a lot of good ball played and some not so good ball played. We had a couple of great plays. One where T made a diving catch. Overall, we are very happy and excited to go on to Saturday. We play a division 1 team with a 7-7 record, we are division 4 with a 12-4 record. Division one is the best in our age group and usually all of the upper age (14 in ours). We are a team of all 13 year olds. But I think we can play some good ball against them. This is my mom's neighbor so it will be fun! Here is a picture of our team:

The Vally City Dick's Sporting Goods

Mike, T and Nico

You can see more pictures here of our team. It does take a few minutes to load. This company takes professional pictures and then you can order them off the Internet. Here is a really good one of T at bat.

Today we are going to help my parents bale hay. Last night Rich and T went over while I was at book club and J was at CC. I am going over there early to help get started and Rich will be over later.

I haven't really got much sewing done. Yesterday was sports physicals, and grocery shopping. And today will be helping my parents so I probably won't really get anything done till Sunday at the earliest and that depends on if the hay is in and if we win on Saturday. I hope we do, it will be the farthest we have ever gone in tournaments.

Our corn is starting to look a little better. Its not as high as I would like it to be but its getting there. Our pumpkins look like they may make it, but I am not sure if they will or not. They are looking better than when I brought them home at least!

Here is a picture of J on the swing after Cross Country last night, and one of him and CC.

I hope everyone has a good day and stays cool! Summer is finally here!

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