Sunday, August 29, 2010

A finished top!

This summer was one of those summers where I made a lot of littler things; table runners etc.

But then crazymomquilts had a quilt along that I just had to do. I love it!! I started about 4 weeks after she did and I finished today, about 2 weeks after she did. Regardless, I love this top!! I have no idea what collection this is bc I got the fat quarters for my birthday several years ago, but I think it is 3 sisters.

Now I have to find something to back and bind it with! You know what that means! SHOPPING!! So I am off to find something that goes with it and then to decide how to quilt it! Any suggestions?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Its been a long time

I know its been forever, but I just haven't felt like I had anything to say...

And I got tired of feeling like I had to read blogs everyday...which left very little time for my own personal things that I enjoy doing such as quilting and reading...

Then baseball season started. T played freshman and JV, there was a game every single night. And double headers on weekends. Then summer ball, games 2 nights a week and double headers on weekends...again, not much time.

We have finally settled into a routine and school starts in 2 weeks. Rich, T and I go bike riding almost every night, 6 miles a night. Its wonderful! I feel wonderful. Then my gall bladder had to come out and that all went down the drain.

They didn't even take my gall bladder, they just did a liver biopsy bc I have cirrohsis (sp) of liver. Common for someone with my heart history. Great, tell my general surgeon that who I have other issues with now! And I do believe I am filled with fluid and can't get it out!! Drs. in the am is my plan. Then to work! I miss my little kiddos!!

But on a good note, I have had more time to read and more time to quilt. I am ALMOST done with Crazy mom's quilt along and I love it! I think I am on week 10. Its going smoothly and I am enjoying it! Can't wait to get to feeling better to finish it up!!

And I have been reading up a storm. Tomorrow night is the local book club and we read "Loving Frank" about Frank Lloyd Wright. It was good, I gave it 4 stars. I then read "Girl in Translation" by Jean Kwok. Very good, about a young lady who struggles to make a life for herself and her mother in America after moving here from Hong Kong. This one is getting 5 stars. Now I am reading "The Lost Girls", a nonfiction of 3 friends who leave their demanding lives in NYC to travel. Seems pretty good sofar, but I just started.

Look for me periodically...I may show up every now and then!