Sunday, July 6, 2008

Old guys shouldn't play softball

Every year our baseball youth league does a coaches game on the weekend of the 4th or somewhere around there. Today was the day. 10 am this morning 14 guys (I believe all over 40, except one!) were out there playing softball. And if all of them are anything like my hubby they will all be complaining about the muscles they never use in the morning. One guy (who I know is older than Rich) slid into home, IN SHORTS! Ouch, that had to hurt! They were also drinking beer by 11 so I am sure he didn't feel it too much. Rich hit a home run and his team won. It was pretty funny to watch these guys try to hit the ball out of the "park" so to speak! Here's some pictures!

Rich batting

Rich playing right field

Rich's friend Kurt pitching

My friend Robin

In other news, not much. Both the kids are at a friends, I have been working on J's quilt since we got home, and am going to go ride my horse shortly. Its been hot here for once this summer and after this morning I was banished to the house again. I almost have all the sashing put together for J's quilt. Once I get it done it will be all downhill of sewing sashing together, adding the border, pinning and quilting! I am hoping to have it done by next weekend. *yeah right!*

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and a happy 4th of July!!

Mom, glad you like the mini quilt!

Last night's sunset (sorry, not a great picture!)


andsewon said...

Sara..thanks for the visit to my blog!!! Please come again.
I have enjoyed this visit an added yours to my list hope you do the same.
Such a fun read . My 'older fella' just had some shoulder surgery, he has learned his lesson!
Youe quilts are so the pinks for the lil gal's quilt too!

Granny Lyn said...

Oh, that looks like fun, but I would be so sore the next day,,,

I love the little quilt from the earlier blog, too, it is absolutely perfect!!!

I admire your spunk for getting some sewing done with all you do!!

Anonymous said...

I love seeing adults play, who says kids should have all the fun.