Thursday, July 31, 2008

Fair Fun - Day 3 & 4

Day 3 was very uneventful! All I did was drop J off at the fair and he met up with the neighbors for the day. Then he came home with Rich and we were off to CC after he rode. Very proud of him for running 6 miles last night!

Today we went to feed his rabbits and then he had the Honors Band Concert so we listened to that. Grabbed some fair food, and went to watch the jumping at the horse show ring. We wanted to stay for the freestyle reining but it was going to be another 45+ minutes. He needed to ride before CC and I wanted to ride also. Rich is on CC duty tonight so I got to stay home and relax a little. Here is a picture from Honors Band Concert at the fair today!

Tomorrow is the championship show. I just want him to go and have a good ride. He is getting nervous but Rich will be sitting in a chair watching while I play groom. Both J and I get much more nervous when Rich is there telling us what to do and what we are doing wrong. (He tends to yell!) So I play groom for J and he will for me on Saturday night.
No quilting has been done all week, I think I may be going into withdrawl! LOL!

PS: Not that anyone cares, but today is the 6 month anniversary of Day 2 of surgery!


Finn said...

Hi Sara, happy 6th month anniversay *VBS* Time does fly, doesn't it?
The sunset pictures are just lovely, as is that great kid playing his heart out in band. The fair sounds like a lot of fun. Good luck to all tomorrow, etc. Hugs, Finn

andsewon said...

Good luck to you all!!!!Loads of awards & ribbons to bring home!!
By the by here is one for you!
Hope you don't mind..I want to pass on the Brilliante Weblog Award to you!!!
Please go to my blog and read the Award Post , to see if you want to accept it!
If you would rather not I don't mind .....;-)