Thursday, July 31, 2008

Fair Fun - Day 3 & 4

Day 3 was very uneventful! All I did was drop J off at the fair and he met up with the neighbors for the day. Then he came home with Rich and we were off to CC after he rode. Very proud of him for running 6 miles last night!

Today we went to feed his rabbits and then he had the Honors Band Concert so we listened to that. Grabbed some fair food, and went to watch the jumping at the horse show ring. We wanted to stay for the freestyle reining but it was going to be another 45+ minutes. He needed to ride before CC and I wanted to ride also. Rich is on CC duty tonight so I got to stay home and relax a little. Here is a picture from Honors Band Concert at the fair today!

Tomorrow is the championship show. I just want him to go and have a good ride. He is getting nervous but Rich will be sitting in a chair watching while I play groom. Both J and I get much more nervous when Rich is there telling us what to do and what we are doing wrong. (He tends to yell!) So I play groom for J and he will for me on Saturday night.
No quilting has been done all week, I think I may be going into withdrawl! LOL!

PS: Not that anyone cares, but today is the 6 month anniversary of Day 2 of surgery!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Fair Fun - Day 2

Well, Day two is done. Hot and sticky with no wind again, but its done. Its all downhill from here! Today J showed his horse. He did a great job! He placed 8th in showmanship - we NEVER practice so that was fine! Then he placed 3rd in Horsemanship (on the rider), 6th in pleasure (on the horse), 6th in Western Discipline (how well you follow commands) and 1st in reining! He had a great ride in reining and we knew he was either first or second. None of the other exhibitors did the pattern right, he was the only one! He totally kicked @$$ in that class! He did make it to the Championship show on Friday night. Our fair lets the 1, 2 and 3 placings go to Championship show where they then place the Reserve and Grand Champion! He was so excited after his ride, he knew he nailed it! Very awesome day!

J before Showmanship

J in Western Discipline

Tomorrow is an easy day. J has Honors band practice, then to fair to feed rabbits, he is then staying with the neighbor while she shows, barn duty from 2-3. Then he will be picked up by Rich and I will take him to Peninsula for CC. I will probably catch up on my blog reading then. Hope everyone has a great night!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Fair Fun - Day One

Today was the first day of our county fair. It was hot, dusty and long! Probably like this whole week is going to be! J is the 4-H kid in the family. T wants nothing to do with it, so this is all about J.

Today we were able to find out how he did on his various projects, with the exception of showing his horse. That is tomorrow. On his Rock project he received 2nd. For his photos in the open classes he received one 2nd. He entered three pictures but only placed with the one. That's fine. He also showed his other rabbits in the breed classes today. He received 1st in showmanship and nothing in his individual breed classes. Two pictures from Showmanship with Leo.

This afternoon I was ring mistress for 6 classes and of course, they took an hour break in the middle of it! Otherwise it was the usual hot sticky day at the fair. I came home about 5 and banded the manes on J and TJ's horse. They left for CC and my dad is getting a lesson tonight. Its quiet here now. I think I am going to relax, drink a BIG glass of water and just chill out! More Fair Fun to come!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

J's Top

I finally got the top of J's quilt together! He loves it. He was so excited when he came home yesterday and there it was all done! Now I just have to get the material to put borders on and back it. He was very happy with it and loves it. Here are two pictures, one of the top and one of one of the corners.

Yesterday we spent most of the day working around the house. I took J to band practice and then went to the grocery store. We did some work in the garden and I cleaned up a little around the house. We also have been riding every day to get ready for fair. Last night was as usual CC practice. I walked 2.5 miles up some serious hills and back down. Down was great! Up, not so much. I am spending the rest of today getting some things ready for fair and most of tomorrow either at the fair grounds or getting ready. I am not buying a lot of food there this year, I am taking a cooler with water, fruit and sandwiches, some munchies and not buying lunch/dinner every day. It just gets to be too much! And then they all end up with stomach aches because they are not used to eating like that! And since we have to be there every day for various duties, I am sure it will get expensive! This afternoon I am going to start quilting a few that have been waiting to be done.

Middle of a corn field

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Slow Week

This week has been kinda slow. We have just been getting stuff done around the house in anticipation of our VERY busy week next week. Next week is our county fair and we will have to be there every day to feed rabbits, and of course we hang out and watch our friends show. J shows on Monday and Tuesday. Then his friend shows on Wednesday, he has a concert at the fair on Thursday, the Championship show (which we ALWAYS watch) is on Friday and the Alumni show (we are showing) is on Saturday. Sunday is clean up and take home...Its gonna be a really busy week. Of course we still have CC every night next week too!

Last night for CC we went to Peninsula. The kids usually run the hills but it was so wet from the HEAVY downpour that we got at the start of practice they ended up running part of the tow path. They meet at Lock 29 from the old Ohio canal and run that area. I did walk for 3 miles, here are some pictures of the locks and the tow path.

Lock 29

The River

The Towpath

Lock 28 - The deepest lock on the path

I finished block 11 and my setting blocks the other day for the star quilt along:

Then I made block 12 two days ago, this is my favorite one:

Then this morning I just finished up putting it all together!:

I love it, Rich hates the colors, but I love it! I think it looks good. I am very happy with the way it came out. I honestly thought he would like it since he likes those colors, but I guess not. Oh well, I still like it. Now to just find some material to back it with and then quilt it! Thanks AmandaJean for doing the star quilt along! I can't wait till the next one!

I will try to post again before Sunday which is when I have to be at the fair to help set up our barn etc. I also have to get my wrist-band since I as an advisor get in free and help the neighbors get their chickens/ducks in. I won't be around much next week, but I will be back (after I recover!). I will leave you with a picture that J is entering in the open photography show of one of my day lillies.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Baseball and Bales

Well, we lost our second tournament game. What a bummer. We were playing really good, the game was tied, it looked like we were going to win. We even had the bases loaded a couple of times, but just couldn't get that one hit that we really needed. Then the 6th inning, we just kinda fell apart. There were a few mistakes and that was it. We just couldn't get back in the game. Overall though, our kids had a great season, played some great baseball and did a great job in tournaments. We are very happy with how they did! There are more games today and if it doesn't rain I think Rich is going to go up and watch some. I am staying home and sewing! Here are a few pictures of T batting and pitching:

Friday afternoon we went to my parents to help them bale hay. We have enough able bodied boys that can help out that it should go fast and smooth. Well, Friday didn't go as planned. The baler we were using just kept breaking and it was just getting to the point where it was getting frustrating because they would get less than 10 bales and it would break the shear pin again. So Dad went and got another baler and worked on it till midnight, then again on Saturday morning. The baler he got hasn't been used in many years. He got it working and by the time we got there after the game he had 3 wagons ready to be unloaded, so Rich and the boys did that. I took the empty wagon down to the field and Rich brought home a load of hay for us. We ended up bring home 3 loads and putting the rest of the 700 or so bales in dad's barn. It went really well and we got all of it up! We should have enough hay for the year now and dad should too!

Dad stacking

Rich stacking in the barn

T and Matt unloading

And lastly, we are going to TRY a video. Click on over to my mom's blog to check out a better video and a great video of Annie!

Friday, July 18, 2008


Well, we won our first tournament game on Wednesday night. It was close for a bit, the final score ended up being 10-6. What a game. There was a lot of good ball played and some not so good ball played. We had a couple of great plays. One where T made a diving catch. Overall, we are very happy and excited to go on to Saturday. We play a division 1 team with a 7-7 record, we are division 4 with a 12-4 record. Division one is the best in our age group and usually all of the upper age (14 in ours). We are a team of all 13 year olds. But I think we can play some good ball against them. This is my mom's neighbor so it will be fun! Here is a picture of our team:

The Vally City Dick's Sporting Goods

Mike, T and Nico

You can see more pictures here of our team. It does take a few minutes to load. This company takes professional pictures and then you can order them off the Internet. Here is a really good one of T at bat.

Today we are going to help my parents bale hay. Last night Rich and T went over while I was at book club and J was at CC. I am going over there early to help get started and Rich will be over later.

I haven't really got much sewing done. Yesterday was sports physicals, and grocery shopping. And today will be helping my parents so I probably won't really get anything done till Sunday at the earliest and that depends on if the hay is in and if we win on Saturday. I hope we do, it will be the farthest we have ever gone in tournaments.

Our corn is starting to look a little better. Its not as high as I would like it to be but its getting there. Our pumpkins look like they may make it, but I am not sure if they will or not. They are looking better than when I brought them home at least!

Here is a picture of J on the swing after Cross Country last night, and one of him and CC.

I hope everyone has a good day and stays cool! Summer is finally here!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Last night were the Pet Rabbit and Horse Skillathons. They test the 4-Her's knowledge of the different animals. They have one for every animal, except poultry I do believe. J had to compete at the Rabbit one and at the Horse one. He scored 100 on his Rabbit Skillathon and about 32/40 on his Horse one. The Pet Rabbit and small animal show was also last night. He showed his rabbit in his level and received first so he got to show in the Championship show where he received Grand Champion!!! So exciting. This is the first year he has made Grand Champion. He received 3rd the first year, reserve last year and champion this year! Very cool and very exciting. Rabbit Skillathon
Rabbit Show
Horse Skillathon
I had to work the skillathon for the horses (since I am the Hippology advisor) and was there from 6-10 so I didn't get any pictures of him with his trophy. They judged it after I had to leave. J also received a high point award for the fun show series that one of the 4-H clubs puts on. He received 8th overall and only went to one show. This was the show where we were upset that he nailed the pattern but his horse whinnied and he got sixth instead of 3rd.
Eight Place High Point

Off to do some quilting, after some blog reading!!!

Being Lazy!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Just Stuff

This weekend was pretty busy, and this week is going to be busy too! Tonight is the Rabbit Show for fair and the horse skillathon. I am going to watch J show his rabbit and then I am working the skillathon.
Yesterday was cleaning the house and then me standing over the kids (including the neighbor girl) going FOCUS! Focus! I said Focus - as they were all trying to get their 4-H project books completed - nothing like waiting till the last minute! But they got them done and fair will be here in 2 weeks, then back to school! I can't believe how fast this summer has gone.

This guy was in our barn all day on Sunday, just hangin' out. Did you know that Luna Moths only live about a week? I thought he was pretty cool, and we have been seeing a ton of moths and butterflies this summer. I think it is the wet weather!

I have gotten some quilting done. I made my block 11 for Crazy Mom Quilts and have started on my setting blocks. I have all the corner triangles sewed together and all the middle rows sewed together. Otherwise, I haven't had much time.

This morning I took the boys to the rail trail (walking/running path that runs between two railroads) and they ran while I walked 4 miles (they did 6). Then J went to get his rabbit ready to show and the boys and I went to the library. I have book club this week and am trying to read Pride and Prejudice - somewhat unsuccessfully.

Can you tell I love this guy?

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Well, today we were supposed to have a tournament baseball game at 12:30. I should still be there, but after getting 3 inches of rain yesterday, it ain't happenin'. Poor Rich has been driving around all morning trying to find out what they are going to do about the games. They had to stop yesterdays tournament games due to the rain and now they are about 2 days behind. Looks like we will be making ours up sometime on Monday or Tuesday. Unfortunately I volunteered to help with the horse skillathon on Tuesday for 4-H so there may be some fanagling going on here!
Plus J has his rabbit judging that day, so it should make for an interesting night. But I would gladly take playing tomorrow.

Yesterday was our 4-H clubs horse show, which I mentioned. I ringmastered part of the day and then worked with J and TJ so we could show. Unfortunately, it started pouring right before TJ's class. Then it slowed down and he was able to show. That was actually the 2nd rain shower that came through. The first one being about 12:30ish. Then J is in his class not a half hour later and it pours again. I mean pours. It felt like little hail hitting you it was raining so hard! I was sitting on my horse waiting for my class and it was miserable. Poor J didn't have on a rain jacket or anything. He was completely drenched! But he won the class so he must have done something right. Several of the kids in his class decided they were going to stand in the middle when it started to pour but he just kept going. Good for him, I was afraid he was going to freak out and give up! It was certainly worth him not giving up! Then I showed and got a 2nd. The girl who got first is a friend of mine and we were joking around the whole time, that was in Equitation, and the same thing happened in pleasure! But then we rode generation gap where 2 riders 10 years apart each ride and J and I won that one. Also my friend and I won the ribbon race. You and your partner have a piece of crepe paper that you hold between you and you have to ride with out breaking the paper or losing it. It got pretty interesting and was actually long for a ribbon race. It came down to us and another group. We had to do things like drop our stirrups and extend our trot. Then we had to switch positions without letting go of the ribbon so that our arm was crossed over the front of us. They also shortened the ribbons which didn't really matter to us since our horses are good together and we had been riding that close anyway! It was actually really fun and a good show. I was at the show from 8:15 am to 10:15 pm. I didn't get any pictures and no sewing got done. I came home and crashed!

So off to do some sewing and some reading. Hopefully more quilt news tomorrow!

Friday, July 11, 2008

It's Friday Night...

...and I am tired.

Its been a busy day today. I had to have my truck looked at at the dealers, there is a ring that is associated with the ABS and its cracked so that took the better part of an hour. Then I took J to get his glasses. Stopped at my moms. Then came home, ate some lunch, rode and bathed my horse. Took another shower (I hate smelling like wet horse!) and then took the boys to CC. Finally got home and finished getting everything ready for the show tomorrow. Its only a fun show so we don't have to wear show clothes, but I still want them to look nice. I have to ringmaster most of the day so I am sure I will be tired by the time we are done!

Tonight for CC we went to Allerdale park on the OTHER side of the county. We live on the county line in the NW corner and the park was on the SE corner! Its a very pretty park though with lots of hills winding through the woods. There is a bridge and several walking paths, along with a pavillion with picnic tables. Here is a few pictures:

Last night I walked with a group of other parents. That was nice, we are going to try to walk most nights, but I think we went about 5 miles last night. Boy, was I tired! But it was fun to have someone to walk with!!

No quilting has been done since Wednesday and I don't think any is going to get done between now and Tuesday. I really want to get J's quilt done, but just don't have the time this weekend, with the show and baseball and kids. Off to bed now so I can get up early to get to the show to help get things ready!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

3.75 miles

That is how far I walked yesterday. I am very happy with that. And I wasn't all that tired! I walked while J was at CC practice. I am so proud of him. He did awesome. They were running about a 2 mile course that included going up and down the football stadium stairs for their "hills". He finished the first lap in 5th out of 20 and the second in 8th! He did so awesome! I am really impressed with his dedication and how well he is doing! He has also taken about 2 minutes off his time since he started running. He was running an 8 minute mile on Tuesday!

Last night Ashley called, Shannon proposed to her. We are happy for her, but we are trying to talk her into eloping or having a very small wedding. They are not sure what they are going to do yet, but they better get thinking about it since they want to get married in either March or April!

No quilting has been done. Its been errands, cleaning up, riding, practices - etc. Just busy stuff. We did plant 21 pumpkin plants the other day. We were actually talking about planting seeds, but there is not enough time for the seeds before Oct so we decided to look at plants. The lady who owns the local green house is sort of friend (LONG story) and said that I could have the plants for 15 cents a piece. So I took all the jack o lanter plants, 3 plants for mini pumpkins and 3 plants for huge pumpkins. I don't have any pictures because they look horrible, but hopefully they will start doing better! They needed to be planted and were starting to have issues with being in pots! I got the 21 pumpkins and 3 tomatoe plants for $4.09! Can't beat that!!

And I am off to work on J's quilt some. We have a show on Saturday so I will post more after that. And I will leave you with this beautiful picture of Alyssa.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

J's Quilt

Well, I finally feel like I am accomplishing something on J's quilt. I have all the squares done, all of the sashing pieces done and half the rows together. All that is left is 3 rows and then to put sashing in between the rows. There will be two rows of sashing in between the rows and 4 light blue squares at each corner. This is what I have done so far, the last row and the next to last row have a sashing strip in there. There will be two of those between each row of squares. Make sense? Then all I have to do is get the material for the border, binding and backing and I can get it done!

Yesterday J had a friend over and they played in the sprinkler for awhile. T went to B's house to go swimming and came home in the afternoon. Tonight was Cross Country practice and all three boys went. T is not joining, he just went along for the exercise but ended up not running because they were doing time trials etc to determine how well they were doing.

It was hot here today, but I did spend some time outside on the swing. I actually got up first thing this morning and rode, but did spend most of the day working on J's quilt. While I was outside reading I found this guy on my leg. I actually thought he was a piece of hay before I brushed him off and realized he wasn't!

Tomorrow will be riding in the morning, then sewing on J's quilt, then cross country practice. It seems to be a pattern!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Old guys shouldn't play softball

Every year our baseball youth league does a coaches game on the weekend of the 4th or somewhere around there. Today was the day. 10 am this morning 14 guys (I believe all over 40, except one!) were out there playing softball. And if all of them are anything like my hubby they will all be complaining about the muscles they never use in the morning. One guy (who I know is older than Rich) slid into home, IN SHORTS! Ouch, that had to hurt! They were also drinking beer by 11 so I am sure he didn't feel it too much. Rich hit a home run and his team won. It was pretty funny to watch these guys try to hit the ball out of the "park" so to speak! Here's some pictures!

Rich batting

Rich playing right field

Rich's friend Kurt pitching

My friend Robin

In other news, not much. Both the kids are at a friends, I have been working on J's quilt since we got home, and am going to go ride my horse shortly. Its been hot here for once this summer and after this morning I was banished to the house again. I almost have all the sashing put together for J's quilt. Once I get it done it will be all downhill of sewing sashing together, adding the border, pinning and quilting! I am hoping to have it done by next weekend. *yeah right!*

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and a happy 4th of July!!

Mom, glad you like the mini quilt!

Last night's sunset (sorry, not a great picture!)

Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July Fun

Yesterday J and I did the 5k run/walk. J finished in about 32 minutes, which I thought was pretty good for his first ever! And I finished in about 40 minutes, pretty much what I expected. The hills were what slowed me down! Here is a picture of J and I at the finish line:

Then I came home and finished up quilt blocks 9 & 10 for the quilt a long. I am very happy with the way these turned out. My points are getting so much better! There is not one "missing" point on either of these:

Then when Rich and the kids got home we went to my mom and dad's so Rich could give my dad a lesson. We had dinner and just hung out while they rode. T's girlfriend went with us and we played a game of corn hole. T and B beat my brother and I by ALOT! It was 21 to 7! Then we stopped at the neighbors for a few minutes to say Hi. There was a little one-on-one basketball played, and just hanging out! Here are some pictures of last night:

Dad riding with Rich coaching

J with one of mom's baby chicks

Matt and T playing cornhole.

After that we went to fireworks in Valley City and then came home. I was so tired that I just went to bed. It was about 11 by that time, and I was beat! Very productive day, but very tiring.

Today I cleaned the house and went to the grocery store while Rich and the kids did things like weed-eat, fertilize the garden, clean stalls, and now they are at the baseball field trying to get it playable for tonight. Tonight is our last regular season game. We have one make-up scheduled for Tuesday and then tournaments start the next weekend. If we win our first tournament game and my mom's neighbor wins their first tournament game then we play them in our second game. That will be a good game, even though they will win since I will want to cheer for both sides!

I am going to work on J's quilt for awhile and then head up to the ball game.