Sunday, October 25, 2009

Almost A Month!

I can't believe almost a month has gone by since I last posted. Life just seemed to get in the way! Its been pretty busy around here with practice and work, but CC is over and basketball doesn't start for another week. (Which shouldn't affect me too much!)
Basketball games happen to start at about 4:30 so that means I will only get to see half of the home games. There is no point for me to drive to the away games if I won't get to see them. So that will mean that I won't get to see T play much, but what can you do?
My job is going wonderfully! I love it and "my kids" are great! We have really settled into a routine and are enjoying each other! They are quite hilarious though, some of the things they say! I had a Breyer Donkey of J's there and they kept telling each other "Don't hurt Donkey, Joe will be upset!" and things like that!
I have been busy working on things for school, planning wise. I have nothing so I am doing everything basically from scratch. The good news is next year will be easier! And of course there is still meetings, 4-H and other necessities to attend to. Why can't my house just clean itself??

This week is going to be busy. Monday I have to stop at the library and Target. Tuesday I have Trick-or-treat at work and Friday I have to work the concession stand at the last home football game of the season for CC. Its a great time and will be fun!!
Today J and I went for a walk, which was so nice. We found this little guy on our way home and he is going to school with me to see if we can get him to make a cacoon and become a butterfly. J named him Wally.

I also have all my squares cut out and ready to send for my "I Spy Swap" that I am participating in! They should make in the mail by Tuesday.

Birds, Chili Peppers and SpongeBob! (everyone needs Spongebob!)

A few weeks ago J and I went to the zoo with the neighbors. I had free tickets and wanted to use them before it got too cold! It was a beautiful day and we had a really good time. 2 adults and 4 kids! We saw pretty much everything and went to the rainforest too! I love the zoo!!!

J and I on the turtle (a tradition!)

My favorite, the butterfly house

The waterfall

This week J also had H1N1 and we have determined that I had it a few weeks ago when I wasn't feeling well. I didn't get tested, just wrote it off as the flu, but a friend (who I gave it too!) gave it to her assistant and her assistant got tested and that is what it was. So we are through that! Rich has not gotten it and neither has T so we are thinking they aren't going to get it! YEAH!

I also went to my friend Holly's last weekend and helped her make some Ohio Stars. She is new to quilting (her mom gave her some stuff before she passed) and Holly needed help with the points. And that is about it here. Oh, I also finished reading The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown and really liked it!

Now off to make a milkshake and read some blogs! Hope everyone has a good week!!

Monday, October 5, 2009


Many of you are already aware of the accident that occured a few weeks ago to Terry of Terry's Treasures husband. Having met Terry and her kids personally, they are wonderful people. The sweetest, most wonderful people. (so is her mom and dad!). Please consider helping out Terry and her family! Click on the button to the right! Thanks!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Finally! Some Sewing!

I have finally gotten around to doing some sewing. Ok, no actual sewing took place, but preperation was in full swing today! And might continue for a little longer!

I actually spent the day cutting t-shirts for the coach's gift for cross country. We voted to buy a shirt from every single race and make them into a quilt. So that is what I did all day!

cut out shirts!

And a few weeks ago I received this beautiful quilt in the mail. This was a PIF from over a year ago from country mouse in the city.

We have been busy with cross country and working. I am loving my new job and can't believe how fast the days go! The weather is getting colder and the leaves are changing. I haven't gotten to take pictures at cross county. Yesterday was at Woodridge which is all hills and was all mud! The kids were sliding down on their bottoms it was so muddy!

I also want to make a quick blanket for my new 2nd cousin, Madelyn, who was born on the 2nd. Rich celebrated 44 on the 1st!

I also joined Karen at Sew Many Ways "I Spy Swap". She is already getting fabric in and I can't wait to see what we all get!

I didn't get to get all my blog reading done tonight, but I will be back at it tomorrow for those I haven't gotten to!

Have a great night!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Pumpkins Everywhere!

Today was a day spent doing not much...I was home by myself and really enjoyed it, even though I feel like I accomplished nothing!
I started out the day wanting to do nothing but work on a quilt. Well, I ran out of black material so I have to go get some more, but unfortunately the LQS is not open on Sundays...bummer. So then I started the T-shirt quilt for the CC coach...not enough stabalizer...ok, this isn't good...I gave up!
Then dad came over to ride, that was fun. Then I picked my pumpkins and that was pretty much my day...Not exactly earth shattering...But here are pictures of my pumpkins...check out the blue one and my big one!

Flower bed in back, next to my swing

Front flower bed

Front porch

In case you lost count there are 8 pumpkins, 1 blue and 10 minis. These do not include the 11 pumpkins I gave to my mom, neighbor, and BIL's GF nor the mini ones my mom took.Also my mom took a blue one.
This is a picture of my August finish. I had these strips from a Thangles BOM that I was missing a month or two from. What to do? A small quilt with the strips! I love the funky colors!

And lastly, yesterday the boys ran at Galion. The course is a little longer and J ran a 14:01, while T ran a 21:17. Both had excellent times. The Boosters had another picnic. We started racing at 9:00 and our last team raced at 2:30. Teenage boys and girls all day long want food! The following picture is of the fire that we had going on the grill....

Now that's what I call a Fire!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Tiffin Carnival

Yes, I have been MIA and I apologize! It has been just a little hectic and I have been busy with planning at work etc most evenings. I have wanted to update, but just haven't found the time. So beware this post maybe a little long due to all the news!

Last weekend was the Tiffin Carnival for CC. This race is said to be the largest high school race this side of the Mississippi and the 2nd largest in the country! There are easily 250 teams and about 5,000 kids. They have a large parking lot called Catepillar row where the buses park...basically it's HUGE! The boys both ran a good race and got a personal record. I don't remember their exact times but they were good. The parents, of course, tailgated.


Jess and J with our team slogan!

This is the start of one of the races...look at all those kids!

When we got home from Tiffin we watched the Ohio State game. They played USC and it was a good game, but we should not have lost that one. We were 4th and goal twice and should have went for it! But at least it was a close game.

Then on Sunday I froze another 10 dozen ears of corn. That took a while. But its done and we have plenty of corn for the winter. I also gave my neighbor 5 doz and my mom more! What a lot of corn! This weekend I think we are going to pick the pumpkins and start selling them. We have about 25 pumpkins, 25 mini pumpkins, and 1 blue one!!

My huge pumpkin (photo does not do it justice!)

Corn, post picking!

This week we haven't been too incredibly busy. The boys have been getting home from practice about 4:30, I get home around 5:20 and we have dinner. I have gotten some riding in and have been working on some things for work. I am loving my position. The kids and I are really doing good. I have talked to my boss a few times and she is really happy with the way things are going, which makes me happy! My kids are great and there are a few that I have already become attached to (ok, all of them a little bit!) I have spent the last few weeks seeing where they are at ciriculum wise and adjusting my plans, but I think we are getting there! Plus, I have to make anything that I need for the lesson, next year will be much easier because I won't have to "create" all that again!
This weekend we are heading to Galion for another CC race. Only 4 more left befor conference meet, then district, regionals and state! Can't believe how fast the season went this year! Sunday I plan to spend sitting in front of my machine!! I do have an August finish, but no picture and I want to have a September finish. I haven't really sewed anything in like 3 weeks! Withdrawl! Also my reading is suffering too! I started "Wicked" the other day an am liking it. I also finished "Promise Not To Tell" which was ok.

Ok, I am going to do some blog reading and hopefully get to everyone this weekend!!! Have a great one!!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

9.3 Dozen

That friends, is how much corn I put up this weekend. And there is still a TON out there! We planted only corn, pumpkins and tomatoes this year. I know that is an odd number, but the goal was to put 7-8 ears in a bag when I froze it so that I could just pull out a bag and heat it up. Thus it was an odd number!

My helper, Oscar

Our tomato plants got ran over and only 1 survived. The rest is flourishing!! I will have some pictures tomorrow of my HUGE pumpkin!

And lastly a picture from last week where the GF, the neighbor and the boys were playing rummy.

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend! No blog reading for me tonight, lessons to work on!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Where I'm From

I am from the country girl,
and the city boy

I am from the high school sweethearts
but don't ask about math class

I am from the Miller's and the Zajicek's
from Tom and Jackie

I am from the working parents
with one always home

I am from the wish we hads, and had it then
to the sit down and shut up

I am from the stubborn and the proud

I am from the garden
and the flower beds

I am from horse shows every weekend
and marching band on Friday nights

I am from family dinners
Christmas Eve at Grandma's

From Grandparent's lost and
ones still alive
I am from 39 years today
of the love of my parents

Today my parents celebrate 39 years of marriage. While that is rare for today, my parents are still going strong and still in love today as much as they were 39 years ago when they said I do. There have been hard times and good times, times when they worried about us kids, and times when we all didn't get along, but I wouldn't trade it for anything!

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad! I love you!!

Christmas 2008

PS: Stop by my mom's blog to see a picture of their wedding day and a giveaway!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

I'm still here!!

Hi everyone!
Sorry it has been such a long time between my posts. I have been busy with getting things ready for my class, getting the kids started in school and the regulary items like cross country and around the house. Last week we had something going on every single night, wow, were we tired!

The kids are back in school and are enjoying it. J says he's not, but I know he is. He is glad to have something to do during the day! T is really enjoying back and seeing all his friends. He is at the high school now and has had no problems moving up, but then again they go to a smaller school and he has been running with the CC team for 8 weeks now.

The obligatory first day of school picture

Today they had their first "meet" at New London. Both the boys ran well, and made their personal record. T ran in 22:04 and J ran in 13:46. The competition was tough and the boys JR high team came in 4th overall. T came in 16th in the boys open race, which was excellent!


J (on the far left of the picture)

The weather is a little rainy in the last few days, but it cleared up for the races today! Yesterday rained most of the day and tomorrow is only supposed to be 62! Yuck!!

My job is going well and I am really enjoying it. The kids are great and so is the staff. I love being with the little ones and am really excited for preschool to start! I have lots of great ideas for this year, and look forward to helping these little ones learn the colors, shapes, numbers etc!

Tomorrow I hope to finish another lap quilt and do some reading, along with getting the house clean and working on some lessons! Hopefully we will settle into a schedule and I will be able to blog regularly again!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Look at all this!

Ha! you probably thought it was going to be something really cool huh??

Well, to me it is! Yesterday we went down to my in-laws and spent the day. My MIL use to do sewing and quilting etc. Mostly making simple things, but she doesn't have time anymore, nor the ambition soo....

I got all her fabric!! Tons of it!

This is a view from their back deck.

This is one of the hummingbirds that frequent the hummingbird bush and feeder.

I read on their deck most of the day yesterday and really enjoyed these guys! Then last night we went to the Lore City festival, it was really small and met up with Aunt Avis, who sells these really cool wooden roses.

Wednesday night was also the classic at Mastick Park. The entire team ran and so did Rich. Here are pictures of each of the boys at the clock. T ran a 22:54, J ran a 24:50 and Rich ran a 33:52. They all did great!

T running in

J running in

Rich running in!

Today has been pretty uneventful, it is supposed to get up to 90 so we are hanging out inside this afternoon. I am working on lesson plans and reading my Book Club book. Hopefully I will get some sewing done! Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Package Surprise!

Robyn at Daisy Quilts held a PIF and I was one of her participants! My package came yesterday! I am very excited to have been in Robyn's PIF and was thrilled when it arrived. I had to dig right in of course! And I will just say that I love it!

It arrived!

Oh, pretty!

A book bag! This will get LOTS of use!

Chocolate, a bookmark, card and DUQ magazine!

Last night it stormed pretty bad at our house before and after practice. Luckily we didn't lose power, which tends to happen, even on sunny days. Last night during one of the breaks I snapped this picture of CC, he was laying under the chair almost as if he was hiding and this picture reminds me of him looking out as if on stake out.

Quilting wise, not much has been happening. With the fair last week and starting work this week I haven't gotten anything done. I may work on my stripped one tonight some, Rich was nice enough to take the boys to practice. I had a few shots (TB and Tetnus) yesterday for work and really feel bad today! But things are going smoothly and I am learning. Next week I will be by myself in my classroom and the day after labor day school starts for the preschool. I am looking forward to it, I have to get planning.

Book wise, I have sort of been on a reading slump. I did read Brad Thor's newest, The Apostle, which was good and I read Meg Cabot's Queen of Babble (one day read, very quick and light!). Now I am reading The German Woman by Paul Griner. It was on our libraries New Fiction list and sounded good so I picked it up. Its really not bad. Its set during the WW's and really moves fairly quickly. Next up will be A Room With A View for bookclub next Monday.
Hope everyone is having a great week!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Reserve Grand Champion!!!

He did it! J won Reserve Grand Champion in Equitation! We are so excited! He did awesome, completely nailed his pattern and beat out a girl who ALWAYS wins...(she was a little mad!) It wasn't Grand Champion, but seeing as he skipped Tenderfoot last year to be in a tougher class we'll take it! He did great and was so excited! Look out next year!!

J and Rich

Today is the 2nd to last day of fair. It ends tomorrow, another year over. We were talking of going tonight for Rich and I to show, but it's raining. I don't think we are going. If it stops raining we may go and watch but its looking like its going to be a quiet night at home! Tomorrow I will have to go up just to get my last milkshake for the year! I love the 4-h booth milkshakes...we save all our change up every year so we can spend it on milkshakes!
In other news, I won a giveaway!!! Quilting Cowgirl Brenda, had a Christmas Giveaway and I won! Yeah, very excited!!! It included some great material, two patterns and a book! I can't wait to dig into the material and make one of the patterns!

Look at this great prize!!

We have also been non-rainy and rainy days that I am not having to water my garden. My corn is just about ready to get tossles. I can't wait for it to be done! I love sweet corn! My dinner the other night was fresh corn, green beans (neighbors garden) and blackberries. (I know not that nutritous but it was worth it!). My pumpkins are out of control! There are tons of blooms on them and at least 2 dozen mini pumpkins starting! Here are a couple of shots of my garden.

Gettin' bigger

pumpkins gone wild!

Big pumpkins!

Little pumpkins!

I am going to do some blog reading (TRY to catch up!) and then some sewing. The steady rain will defiantely put a damper on the fair tonight so we will probably stay home. Monday I start my job and can't wait! And the boys and Rich have the Classic at Mastick 5K on Wednesday night, with the CC team. I hope Rich can run the entire course (his goal is 10min miles and the boys are 7 min miles!). I hope everyone had a great week! And is enjoying the weekend. I'll be back next week!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A boy and his horse

Today is the 2nd day of the county fair. Yesterday J showed his rabbits, and got a first in showmanship and a 3rd in his breed class. Long day yesterday! But today was even longer!

Today is the day he showed his horse. The judge was SO slow, one showmanship class took 45 minutes! Very slow! But he did really good and we are proud of him...

He showed in 3 classes, horsemanship, pleasure and reining. He received a third in Horsemanship (on the rider), a fifth in pleasure (on the horse) and a first in reining (a pattern type class). Reining is by far his favorite class and he was so tired he almost didn't show in it. We left home at about 8:00 and got home about 6:30. He did a great job and I am really proud of him and his efforts with his horse.

We have been busy this past week getting ready for fair, and practice every day. T is up to running about 6 miles a night and J is running about 5. Their first race is next Wednesday up in the Cleveland Metroparks and Rich is going to try to run it too!

We came home tonight and were talking to the neighbor when Rich said "Hey babe, here are some blackberries". They are growing along our tree line and we really just noticed them and they are just starting to produce so I went and picked some! Don't they look yummy:

Tomorrow I don't have to go to the fair so I am staying home and sewing! And I am very excited because I finally (after a year and a half) got a job! I will be starting next week at a local preschool teaching the 3 yr old class! I can't wait! Finally!!! So after this week I will be working everyday and I am sure I will enjoy it!

Hope everyone is having a great week!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Horse Judging and a Finish

It has once again been busy. This week, on Wednesday, J and I headed to Columbus to the Ohio State Fair for him to compete in the state horse skillathon and with the Medina County Judging team. The teams did not get any awards on the judging team, and J did got get any individual awards for it either, but he learned some things, and had fun so that was worth it.

The teams, J in the center

J and G

After the competition but before the awards ceremony we walked around the fair a bit. The kids and I rode the Skyline, which was neat because you could see quite a distance, but not quite to the end of the fairgrounds. There are lots of tall buildings that you couldn't really see over. But here is one view from the skyline.

Yes, it was cloudy and it rained the entire way down and most of the day. We also watched a Quarter Horse show that was going on while we were there. It was nice to just watch a good show. I enjoyed watching the show and seeing all the good horses.

Last week I did get some things sewn. I actually finished a mini quilt using the Pop Garden material. That means I did have a finish for July!

And I made a strip quilt top out of a thangles BOM that I had, but didn't have the 12th one because they ran out. So I just sewed them together to make this top.

Next week is the fair so we will be busy with that. Check in is on Sunday and we would like to watch the harness racing. Then J shows his rabbits on Monday, his horse on Tuesday, we have to work for our club on Thursday, Championship show on Friday night (if he makes it) and Alumni show on Saturday (Rich is showing!!!). Hopefully it won't rain all week and won't be incredibly hot.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!