Sunday, July 17, 2011

My "New" sewing machine

Last time we were at my in-laws my mother-in-law gave me a new machine. Well, new to me. My best guess is this is from the 1950's. It is a dressmaker TAZ 289, made in japan, and under the singer parent group. I took it to the local shop and it now runs wonderfully. I am still learning what it likes, but so far its working great. I haven't used it much yet though. I do know that it does not seem to like batik fabric. But I am super excited and love it!!

And Aiden at 3 months!! 

Hope every one is having a great weekend. Hubby and I are just chillin' on the couch watching TV, neither of us slept good so its a good day for that, plus I have a migraine so not much happening!!  Enjoy the week! Happy sewing!

Monday, July 11, 2011

2 finishes!!

I recently finished up another quilt. I have several that I have not posted pics of so here they are!!
This one went to a dear friend of mine that I work with for her 3rd daughter. This is girl number 3 in less than 3 years. She has a set of "irish twins" now!!

The second quilt is mine! I love blues, greens and browns. So I made myself a pinwheel (my favorite block!) quilt! I love it...its perfect, not too big, not to small!! I quilted a 1/4 in on each side of the seams and it looks great!!
Here is the backing for it!
And the most wonderful news of the last 2 months, Aiden Stephen, born April 12th. This picture he is about 10 weeks, and no, he is not mine, but my grandson. Rich and I went to NC to see him right after he was born and it was wonderful to not only get away but to see the kids and meet him!! I am so moving to the beach!
Shannon, Ashley and Aiden
Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying their summer!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

A finish, and a business...

I finished the Buckeye HS Boys Baseball Fundraiser Quilt, and here it is. The quilting was done by a friend, Linda Sekerak. She has a son who played baseball at Buckeye and was SO Kind to donate the quilting!! I really like how it came out, but I am very nervous as this is the first quilt that I have ever donated to raise money!! I hope it brings in a alot for the boys!!

And after determining how much this quilt is worth, its only about 64 by 56, I was like...why the helk am I working when I could be doing something I love!! So I am officially going to start taking orders and doing this professionally!! I know it will be slow going and it will take time before I am at the level that I can "stay home" but its worth a shot to me!! I know many of the people that read my blog are quilters, but put the word out for me!! I would appreciate it! My name is also going to be quite simple, the quilting bookworm. I will keep you updated on my progress! And more blog posts coming if I want to get this going!!

And here are the goodies I won from my Golden Ticket.

Awesome Bag!!

A Dilly Dally Layer Cake, an Oasis jelly roll,

Petit a Petit Fat 8th bundle, and 2 candy bars in a decorative tin!!

Now what to make with it all?? I also started a pattern that I have had for at least 3 years. Its called Strip Poker (found at Fat Quarter Shop) and I am using Portabello Market (from 3 years ago!) as the material!! I love that material and wish I had bought more, but now there are so many other goodies out there!! And as my dear hubby said "You really need to use up some stash". I, of course, disagree, but I do agree that some of my unfinished projects do need to get completed if I am going to try to take in some business!! LOL!!

Hope everyone has a great week!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Golden Ticket!!

I don't know if you have heard of this or not, but in Moda Candy Bars there is an opportunity to win a Golden Ticket, which wins you $150 of Moda "Sweets" and enters you in a drawing for a chance to tour headquarters in Dallas, TX!

Well today, my friend and I headed to our LQS. I decided to pick up a Candy Bar, which I had been eyeing for sometime now. We get in the car, I open it up to check out the fabrics and what do I find, but yes...A GOLDEN TICKET! You would have thought I won the lottery! I am so excited!

My totally cool golden ticket!

After my elation and maybe a bit of hyperventilation, I called my mom! I couldn't believe it! And if I win the big trip, my mom is going with me!

Then I headed home, helped my friend with her block and finished up these. The one on the right is my mom's and the one on the left is for Ashley (My brothers GF).

Pattern found on

And lastly, my most recent finish....Full Swing by Rachel Griffith of Love it, but hate it. Not only did I have a horrible time lining this one up, but I broke 3 needles, a sewing machine and a washer all on this beauty. It now lives with my mom. I don't want it in my house!! LOL!!

And tomorrow, sewing a quilt top together and cutting another out!