Saturday, May 31, 2008

Hectic, Hectic, Hectic!!!

It has been so busy here lately and I almost can't wait for the boys to finish school. It seems that every night this past week and next week we have something planned (on top of the normal craziness!). Last week was baseball, meetings and riding just about every night. This coming week is baseball, 4-H, riding, 6th grade recognition, and a cross country meeting. I haven't really had any time to do any quilting. I have gotten 200 half square triangle units together and ironed, I have about 150 more to go! So much for this quilt being done by J's birthday in 11 days. Oh well, he won't mind. He just wants a quilt!

Thursday night we had a baseball game, luckily it was home so I was able to ride before I went to the game. Then last night we went to see the Akron Aeros play. I love baseball, its my favorite sport. It was a great game, they won in the bottom of the ninth 5-4. It was our youth baseball league night there so we were with a whole bunch of fellow valley citians (is that a word?) and knew most of the people in our section. The kids all had a great time, they all got to walk around the field before the game and then some got to play catch and two got to be "batboy". T got to do this last year and it was really cool. He had a blast. This year he was the oldest kid walking the field (and the tallest) so I don't think he is going to walk the field next year.

We were cheering in the ninth, there were bases loaded with 2 outs when they won, and J was like why are we cheering so much? I told him there were bases loaded with no outs - he goes is that good? My boy is not a baseball player like his brother. Then it went to one out and then two outs. He kept asking is that good? It was really funny! He just doesn't get it. T was talking with Rich about plays and pitching and all that fun stuff!

Tonight we are bringing home two steers that we purchased (actually my FIL did and they are at his house right now). They will be ready to go by November so I hopefully will only have to buy meat from the store for a few weeks. I don't like to buy it at the grocery store so I am going to go down to the little country store about 5 min away where I know its "good".

Otherwise I know I have been MIA this week, but again, its so crazy right now with the school year finishing up and I'm back working. I'll leave you with some pictures from last nights game...

Orbit, the Aeros Mascot

Fireworks after the game

Rich and I (doesn't he look thrilled?)

T discussing a play

J and I being silly

Oh yeah....check out this link (on AJ Quilts sidebar). Rich says you don't need 71 reasons, just because you can is all you need! Isn't he wonderful! I am going to check out a new shop I found on the internet tomorrow that is right by my house! Its just the next town up! Can't wait!

  • They get angry when you steal it.

  • Stress from dealing with the Fabric Control Officer (my husband) made me do it.

  • It is less expensive and more fun than psychiatric care.

Sunday, May 25, 2008


Last night T's team played baseball in Vermillion. Vermillion is up by the lake. Here is the view from home plate, the two different blues in the distance are the lake and the sky.

Standing on the beach

On the pier
J skipping rocks

TJ skipping rocks
T batting

T pitching
Our team won 3-1. Very good game, very evenly matched. TJ, J and I played on the beach for about 45 minutes We were looking for cool rocks, and found some great glass pieces that were smoothed from the water. Lake Erie is not the cleanest lake, but it was still cool to take the boys down by the water.
No quilting has been done this weekend. Yesterday before the game J and I went and wathced some of the horse show, went grocery shopping and got the plants for his terrarium. Today Iam going to rotatille my garden, plant a few flowers and see if I can find a swing for my frame. Tomorrow we have to work at the horse show for a few hours and then the boys are going to their mom's for a few hours to see Grandpa Tom. I am going to clean and work in the yard when they are gone.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Work and Quilts

Its really cold here, about 20 degrees below normal. It was 52 today when I came home from work. It really stinks having to work, I don't have near enough time to do quilting, but that's okay. The money is nice. I actually kinda like where I am temping at now. I used to work there so I know alot of people. The first day (last Monday) was like "I heard you were back" "How are you?" By the end of the day I was like could everyone please stop talking about me! Now I'm old news! But the guys I am working for are great and there have been several hints dropped about if the girl I am temping for doesn't come back its mine and they would like to see me get back into that company. Plus, they leave me alone! My best friend, Krissi (HI!!), works there too and we have been walking at lunch as much as we can. We walked two miles today! WOOHOO!

Its really cold here for this time of year, 20 degrees below normal. So needless to say between that and all the rain, we haven't gotten much done. The first horseshows of the year are this weekend, but we are no where near ready! We have ridden twice in two weeks, not enough to show three days this weekend. So we are just going to go watch on Saturday and Monday.

T has a baseball game in Vermillion on Saturday. Its right by the lake, you can see the lake. I may be staying home. Its at 6:30 and its going to be cold. He has a game tonight, but J and I didn't go because it was only 52 today. Yeah, I'm a wuss!

But I have gotten some sewing done tonight. I am making J a pinwheel quilt and I have about half the squares together. Here's the pile waiting to be cut in half:

And here is my block 4 for the quilt-a-long. I had to do something other than sew little squares together, it was getting to me!

And lastly a picture of my favorite quilt that I have made so far. I just love the color combination. Its also really warm and cozy. I backed it in flannel, and its great on a winter's night. Rich wants me to make a "summer quilt" for our bed since this one gets so hot!

J has decided he is going to make a terarrium, and put frogs in it. I am sure that will go over well with his father. But he already said he could have one so too bad. I think Rich thinks he was talking about just plants. But J will take any animal he can get. He is outside right now trying to catch frogs and was trying to talk me into going to the store to get some things for it tonight. I am all comfy in my pjs. I'm not going anywhere!

I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day Weekend! Remember our Veterans!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

I finally decided...

What colors to use for my quilt along from Crazy Mom Quilts. I went through a brief (okay, 3 week) what colors do I use???? I first thought pink because I thought hers was pretty, but then I was like, ok, I don't really like pink so I don't know if I could do a whole quilt in it. Purple is definately out - I hate purple. Then I thought green, love green, but just wasn't sure. So I went to JoAnn Fabrics yesterday and this fabric just screamed at me - USE ME!!

Its hard to see in this picture, but the colors are dark chocolate browns and bright blues. There are some chocolate browns and blues thrown in from my stash too. I just love it. But then when I went to make the blocks this morning I realized I hadn't bought any fabric for the background of the stars. Oh shmarmies (my swear word!) and I thought about it for a few minutes. I knew I couldn't really go back to JoAnn's and spend any more money this week. But I really wanted to get these started and try out the browns. I got to thinking about what I would need. Some type of beige to offset the browns. Aha! How about muslin. I know not a typical choice, but I know I have enough of it so I started and finished all three blocks in about an hour and a half! Very exciting since block four is on Monday! Here is my 3 blocks. Pictures don't do them justice...I really like them!

There were five fat quarters in the group for 8 bucks and they all go together so its not like a lot of thinking is involved about it now. I just love them. They look so much better in person and I wish I could get a better picture to show all of you!

Last week was really busy so really I didn't get any quilting done, just lots of cutting. I am cutting out J's pinwheel quilt and its small pinwheels so its lots of small squares and triangles! But he picked the pattern and I know he loves pinwheel quilts so what was I going to say? Certianly not no! Its going to be blues, tans and yellows. He's color blind and these are colors he can tell apart. He picked the colors too!

My book club met on Thursday and I didn't feel too bad since I wasn't the only one who had a hard time getting through "Sense and Sensibility". I liked the book and agreed with all the comments, but I just had a hard time reading it. I don't know why! Next we are reading Pope Joan by Donna Cross (I believe). Its about a lady pope. Very good. I have already read it but I am going to re-read it to refresh my memory. Right now I am reading Kabul Beauty School by Deborah Rodriquez. Its very good, its non-fiction about a lady from Michigan who goes over as a relief worker and starts up a beauty school for women in Afghan so they can survive and have money. Its definately going to be a favorite of the year!

Otherwise I just wish the rain would stop. Its actually sunny now, but there is a horrible wind (I almost can't walk into it.) and it is so wet that we really can't do anything. It has rained every day this week.

Ok, now can I grumble for just a minute? Please? My BIL who lives with us and has become my biggest protector in the last 6 months is driving me crazy! He talks so loud on his cell phone even when he is in his room downstairs (we live in split level) that you can hear him through my phone when I am upstairs. I just wish he would be a little quieter, especially at night when the boys and us are trying to sleep. Ok, I'm done now (I have been home with him all day so its giving me a slight headache!)

I walked this evening, only a mile since it is so windy out. Its also supposed to rain and about every 20 minutes or so it gets dark like it is going to start pouring! plus you can smell it in the air. I didn't want to wander too far from home just in case, but a mile is better than nothing. J is wanting to run cross country and T wants to play football, and if I am going to walk a half marathon next year we better get training!

I am off to sew some more!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I almost forgot

Cory, the young man I posted about here has been released from the hospital. He actually was on the news last weekend, they were talking about miracles. I didn't get to see it but J did and was very excited. He still needs a heart transplant, but at least he is home now. He is cancer free at this point also. Now its just a matter of finding a heart and keeping him healthy!
Keep those prayers for Cory coming! He needs them! Thanks!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Short and Sweet

Today is just another day of rain. Our ball game got cancelled and I had to work. I took a temporary position at an insurance company, in hopes that something materializes soon! It wasn't too bad and its quiet, plus the money will be nice.

Yesterday the boys went to their moms for most of the day. They gave me my mother's day present before they left. A wonderful card that sings "Celebration" by Kool and the Gang, along with a Borders Gift Card. They knew what I wanted but were afraid to buy the wrong thing so they got the gift card instead. And here is what I purchased last night from

I can't wait till they come and I can start making one of them. Plus I want to make the Sylvia's Bridal Sampler but I have to start on the quilt along from Crazy Mom Quilts and I started working on J's quilt for his birthday. I thought I was going to finish old projects. Oh well.
Sew many things to do, sew little time.

But I did FINALLY finish Sense and Sensibility for my book club. I am probably one of the only people in the world who didn't really like it (or love it!). It just couldn't hold my attention at all. What are some books that other rave about that you just don't like?

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Just Pictures!

Mom's chicken wall hanging!

Mom's chicken wall hanging with the really cool chicken fabric backing!

Mom's new knitting bag! (Its reversible too!)
J with Mom's chickens!

My new rose bush! THANKS MOM!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Bleeding Hearts and Lettuce

No, not my heart. My heart is doing wonderfully! In fact I even RAN yesterday. Those who know me know I DON'T run! But I did and didn't even get winded! Granted I only ran 230 feet, from the paddock to the house and back. I HAD to get a picture of Rich on Joe's pony, but I promised him I would not post it on here. He was not happy I was taking his picture. But I am very happy that I was able to run and not get winded. Pre-surgery I could barely make it 50 feet before I had to quit.

But here is a picture of my bleeding heart. I didn't think it was going to come back as it did not do well last year. My mom split her's and gave me part of it. Last year it looked really sad, not this good at the end of the year. But it came back and is bigger already and doing great!

Here is a picture of my lettuce that is coming up. I am really the only one who eats salads (except TJ) and I didn't want to plant alot. Mom said you could plant it in a pot so I researched some on the internet and decided to give it a shot. I know it needs to be thinned, but if anyone has any suggestions they are welcome!

And baseball season started on Monday. We won our first game so that is a plus. We play on Mondays and Thursdays. T is going to umpire on Saturdays and maybe Tuesdays and Wednesdays. We are the Valley City Dick's Sporting Goods. Only 7th grade boys would find it so cool that they are the Valley City Dick's. They think its great to break it down before the game to shout Dick's. Here are pictures of T and Rich. I didn't go to Monday's game but I plan on going to Thursdays IF it doesn't rain. Its nice here now, but it is supposed to rain.

Nothing new in the quilting. Still working on the same projects. I am trying to finish all my projects before I start something else. Now wouldn't that be an idea? I doubt it will happen but I am going to try!

Right now I am reading Sense and Sensibility for my book club that the library started. Its kinda slow going and while I like the book it is definately not a favorite. Hopefully the book we chose for next month will be better. We are going to read all Jane Austen, but not one every month. Next month is members choice.

I'm off to quilt and read! We have NOTHING planned for tonight (except ride) and I am so glad!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Public Speaking and Weather

Well, it rained horribly for the last 2 days. It rained here all day Friday and most of the day Saturday. The crick running through our front yard has subsided but when I came home last night it was very close to overflowing above the 18 inch culvert across the driveway! Today is sunny but a bit cold at only about 55 right now. I like 75! But at least the sun is out and hopefully tomorrow I will get to ride.

Today I am working on pin basting my funky monkey and yellow quilts. I will also hopefully get my moms chicken sampler put together and maybe even basted. I have all the blocks made, just got to even them up and sew them together. I did very little quilting on Friday and none yesterday!

Yesterday J and I went to Columbus for him to participate in the Ohio State Horse Public Speaking Contest. Its a 4-H competition and all the speechs/demos have to be about horses. This year his speech was on horse nutrition and we are so proud of how hard he worked. He wrote his speech all by himself and had about 12 minutes worth (you were supposed to have 7-9) so we had to cut some out. But like I said, he did it all himself! I did help make the posters and correct grammer on the speech but that was it. He placed 4th, and he would have placed higher but he was so nervous he forgot to give his conclusion!! Poor kid! He did receive a nice little plaque and overall had a good time. The first picture is J giving his speech, the second is of J and his friend from school/Hippology with their plaques and then just J with his plaque. Did I mention how proud of him I am?

This is the skeleton that was in the auditorium where they gave their speeches. J just had to have a picture of it. I believe it is a cow.

After the competition we met up with my BIL to have dinner with him, his wife and his two girls. We went to BW-3's and watched the Kentucky Derby. Then J and I headed north on our 1 hour and 45 minute drive. J was so tired that he crashed as soon as we got on the highway (5 minutes after we left BW-3's). I don't blame him, it was a long and exciting day for him.
This is a picture of the sunset when I got home. It was oranger and brighter about 10 minutes before this, but its hard to take a picture while your driving, so I decided not to do that.

Hopefully this week I will be able to get the boys to rotatile my garden. I have lettuce coming up in my pot, but I want to get started preparing the large garden so I can plant as soon as the frost has passed. We are moving it down by the barn where it is ALWAYS wet. Everything drains to one spot in the yard and its going to be pretty good sized. I am only planting tomato plants (3 for general eating and 3 cherry tomatoes) and a row of green beans. Then the rest will be all sweet corn. It grows really well for us and the boys are talking about doing all the work so they can sell some of the sweet corn and make some money. I'm okay with that! They are old enought that I trust them to run the rotatiller and take care of it. If I end up doing all the work then I get all the money. That's the deal! I'll post some pictures as soon as I can and when we get it going.

I am off to baste quilts. When I get them done I will post them. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend and has a great week next week!