Sunday, September 20, 2009

Pumpkins Everywhere!

Today was a day spent doing not much...I was home by myself and really enjoyed it, even though I feel like I accomplished nothing!
I started out the day wanting to do nothing but work on a quilt. Well, I ran out of black material so I have to go get some more, but unfortunately the LQS is not open on Sundays...bummer. So then I started the T-shirt quilt for the CC coach...not enough stabalizer...ok, this isn't good...I gave up!
Then dad came over to ride, that was fun. Then I picked my pumpkins and that was pretty much my day...Not exactly earth shattering...But here are pictures of my pumpkins...check out the blue one and my big one!

Flower bed in back, next to my swing

Front flower bed

Front porch

In case you lost count there are 8 pumpkins, 1 blue and 10 minis. These do not include the 11 pumpkins I gave to my mom, neighbor, and BIL's GF nor the mini ones my mom took.Also my mom took a blue one.
This is a picture of my August finish. I had these strips from a Thangles BOM that I was missing a month or two from. What to do? A small quilt with the strips! I love the funky colors!

And lastly, yesterday the boys ran at Galion. The course is a little longer and J ran a 14:01, while T ran a 21:17. Both had excellent times. The Boosters had another picnic. We started racing at 9:00 and our last team raced at 2:30. Teenage boys and girls all day long want food! The following picture is of the fire that we had going on the grill....

Now that's what I call a Fire!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Tiffin Carnival

Yes, I have been MIA and I apologize! It has been just a little hectic and I have been busy with planning at work etc most evenings. I have wanted to update, but just haven't found the time. So beware this post maybe a little long due to all the news!

Last weekend was the Tiffin Carnival for CC. This race is said to be the largest high school race this side of the Mississippi and the 2nd largest in the country! There are easily 250 teams and about 5,000 kids. They have a large parking lot called Catepillar row where the buses park...basically it's HUGE! The boys both ran a good race and got a personal record. I don't remember their exact times but they were good. The parents, of course, tailgated.


Jess and J with our team slogan!

This is the start of one of the races...look at all those kids!

When we got home from Tiffin we watched the Ohio State game. They played USC and it was a good game, but we should not have lost that one. We were 4th and goal twice and should have went for it! But at least it was a close game.

Then on Sunday I froze another 10 dozen ears of corn. That took a while. But its done and we have plenty of corn for the winter. I also gave my neighbor 5 doz and my mom more! What a lot of corn! This weekend I think we are going to pick the pumpkins and start selling them. We have about 25 pumpkins, 25 mini pumpkins, and 1 blue one!!

My huge pumpkin (photo does not do it justice!)

Corn, post picking!

This week we haven't been too incredibly busy. The boys have been getting home from practice about 4:30, I get home around 5:20 and we have dinner. I have gotten some riding in and have been working on some things for work. I am loving my position. The kids and I are really doing good. I have talked to my boss a few times and she is really happy with the way things are going, which makes me happy! My kids are great and there are a few that I have already become attached to (ok, all of them a little bit!) I have spent the last few weeks seeing where they are at ciriculum wise and adjusting my plans, but I think we are getting there! Plus, I have to make anything that I need for the lesson, next year will be much easier because I won't have to "create" all that again!
This weekend we are heading to Galion for another CC race. Only 4 more left befor conference meet, then district, regionals and state! Can't believe how fast the season went this year! Sunday I plan to spend sitting in front of my machine!! I do have an August finish, but no picture and I want to have a September finish. I haven't really sewed anything in like 3 weeks! Withdrawl! Also my reading is suffering too! I started "Wicked" the other day an am liking it. I also finished "Promise Not To Tell" which was ok.

Ok, I am going to do some blog reading and hopefully get to everyone this weekend!!! Have a great one!!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

9.3 Dozen

That friends, is how much corn I put up this weekend. And there is still a TON out there! We planted only corn, pumpkins and tomatoes this year. I know that is an odd number, but the goal was to put 7-8 ears in a bag when I froze it so that I could just pull out a bag and heat it up. Thus it was an odd number!

My helper, Oscar

Our tomato plants got ran over and only 1 survived. The rest is flourishing!! I will have some pictures tomorrow of my HUGE pumpkin!

And lastly a picture from last week where the GF, the neighbor and the boys were playing rummy.

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend! No blog reading for me tonight, lessons to work on!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Where I'm From

I am from the country girl,
and the city boy

I am from the high school sweethearts
but don't ask about math class

I am from the Miller's and the Zajicek's
from Tom and Jackie

I am from the working parents
with one always home

I am from the wish we hads, and had it then
to the sit down and shut up

I am from the stubborn and the proud

I am from the garden
and the flower beds

I am from horse shows every weekend
and marching band on Friday nights

I am from family dinners
Christmas Eve at Grandma's

From Grandparent's lost and
ones still alive
I am from 39 years today
of the love of my parents

Today my parents celebrate 39 years of marriage. While that is rare for today, my parents are still going strong and still in love today as much as they were 39 years ago when they said I do. There have been hard times and good times, times when they worried about us kids, and times when we all didn't get along, but I wouldn't trade it for anything!

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad! I love you!!

Christmas 2008

PS: Stop by my mom's blog to see a picture of their wedding day and a giveaway!