Friday, July 11, 2008

It's Friday Night...

...and I am tired.

Its been a busy day today. I had to have my truck looked at at the dealers, there is a ring that is associated with the ABS and its cracked so that took the better part of an hour. Then I took J to get his glasses. Stopped at my moms. Then came home, ate some lunch, rode and bathed my horse. Took another shower (I hate smelling like wet horse!) and then took the boys to CC. Finally got home and finished getting everything ready for the show tomorrow. Its only a fun show so we don't have to wear show clothes, but I still want them to look nice. I have to ringmaster most of the day so I am sure I will be tired by the time we are done!

Tonight for CC we went to Allerdale park on the OTHER side of the county. We live on the county line in the NW corner and the park was on the SE corner! Its a very pretty park though with lots of hills winding through the woods. There is a bridge and several walking paths, along with a pavillion with picnic tables. Here is a few pictures:

Last night I walked with a group of other parents. That was nice, we are going to try to walk most nights, but I think we went about 5 miles last night. Boy, was I tired! But it was fun to have someone to walk with!!

No quilting has been done since Wednesday and I don't think any is going to get done between now and Tuesday. I really want to get J's quilt done, but just don't have the time this weekend, with the show and baseball and kids. Off to bed now so I can get up early to get to the show to help get things ready!!


Becky said...

Those park pictures are wonderful. So lush! Love the greens! Hope you find some time to sew!

andsewitis Holly said...

You say not much is going on but you sound busy to me with the horse things and what not. Enjoy the walking. Sounds like so much fun to me. Looking forward to seeing J's quilt again in photos.

The Quiltwhinney said...

It's nice to find another horse and quilt lover!

The Quiltwhinny