Saturday, July 26, 2008

J's Top

I finally got the top of J's quilt together! He loves it. He was so excited when he came home yesterday and there it was all done! Now I just have to get the material to put borders on and back it. He was very happy with it and loves it. Here are two pictures, one of the top and one of one of the corners.

Yesterday we spent most of the day working around the house. I took J to band practice and then went to the grocery store. We did some work in the garden and I cleaned up a little around the house. We also have been riding every day to get ready for fair. Last night was as usual CC practice. I walked 2.5 miles up some serious hills and back down. Down was great! Up, not so much. I am spending the rest of today getting some things ready for fair and most of tomorrow either at the fair grounds or getting ready. I am not buying a lot of food there this year, I am taking a cooler with water, fruit and sandwiches, some munchies and not buying lunch/dinner every day. It just gets to be too much! And then they all end up with stomach aches because they are not used to eating like that! And since we have to be there every day for various duties, I am sure it will get expensive! This afternoon I am going to start quilting a few that have been waiting to be done.

Middle of a corn field


Jacquie said...

wowsers...that is gorgeous. love the all the pinwheels. it's spectacular!

jenclair said...

I really like the blue and yellow and then that pop of red!

Kristie said...

So pretty! Love how you added the red! Looks like you did a wonderful job!

andsewon said...

Love it!!!! Red is so my color!!
I adore the pic down the corn rows!! Can be a hot adn sewaty job pull'in corn!