Thursday, July 3, 2008

Mini Quilt and Pink

Paula at A Latte Quilts issued a mini quilt challenge on Friday. The challenge was to complete a mini quilt top by the 5th. I started on mine about 3 hours ago and it is done! Completely! I used fabrics from my stash and created a 17 inch square mini quilt. Here is a picture:

This morning I went to JoAnn's to use my coupons. I didn't buy anything exciting except blades for my cutter and the newest issues of American Patchwork and Quilting. I then went to drop off my first Project Linus quilt at the local fabric shop. I am very excited to donate this quilt to Project Linus (Mom, you could have kept it!):

While I was there I decided to use my gift card and get fabric for a quilt for Miss Alyssa. Her birthday is in December just like T and TJs so I figured if I am going to make all three of them a quilt I should probably get started. Not that I think it is going to take my 6 months, but I am sure I will want to mix it up some! :) So I picked up all this PINK material for her quilt:

Tomorrow morning J and I are competing in a 5K run/walk (I'm walking :)) and then I will be coming home to a quiet house and spend the day quilting till the kids get home from the parade with their mom. I will hopefully have more of J's quilt done and my two blocks from AmandaJean's quilt along...

And more quilting for tonight!


Jacquie said...

Cute mini and all in one day. Dang, you're good! Love those pink fabrics, especially the ones with the roses.

Paula said...

Yep, I agree, the mini is cute! Great job!