Thursday, July 24, 2008

Slow Week

This week has been kinda slow. We have just been getting stuff done around the house in anticipation of our VERY busy week next week. Next week is our county fair and we will have to be there every day to feed rabbits, and of course we hang out and watch our friends show. J shows on Monday and Tuesday. Then his friend shows on Wednesday, he has a concert at the fair on Thursday, the Championship show (which we ALWAYS watch) is on Friday and the Alumni show (we are showing) is on Saturday. Sunday is clean up and take home...Its gonna be a really busy week. Of course we still have CC every night next week too!

Last night for CC we went to Peninsula. The kids usually run the hills but it was so wet from the HEAVY downpour that we got at the start of practice they ended up running part of the tow path. They meet at Lock 29 from the old Ohio canal and run that area. I did walk for 3 miles, here are some pictures of the locks and the tow path.

Lock 29

The River

The Towpath

Lock 28 - The deepest lock on the path

I finished block 11 and my setting blocks the other day for the star quilt along:

Then I made block 12 two days ago, this is my favorite one:

Then this morning I just finished up putting it all together!:

I love it, Rich hates the colors, but I love it! I think it looks good. I am very happy with the way it came out. I honestly thought he would like it since he likes those colors, but I guess not. Oh well, I still like it. Now to just find some material to back it with and then quilt it! Thanks AmandaJean for doing the star quilt along! I can't wait till the next one!

I will try to post again before Sunday which is when I have to be at the fair to help set up our barn etc. I also have to get my wrist-band since I as an advisor get in free and help the neighbors get their chickens/ducks in. I won't be around much next week, but I will be back (after I recover!). I will leave you with a picture that J is entering in the open photography show of one of my day lillies.


countrychicken said...

That quilt looks good and I like the colors. Next to blue and brown, pink and brown are some of my favorite combinations. I didn't know J was doing photography. Looks like a good picture.

Jacquie said...

i love this color combo..would look lovely in my living room! Great job on your quilt. Have a fun week at the fair. I have lots of fair memories. It was always hot and dusty, but fun!

Lynn said...

I love your star block - it looks great put together. Sorry for my comment the other day - your blocks aren't purple - I was wearing sunglasses while using the computer. Didn't realize till later - all the colors looked different. Your blue/brown looks fantastic!

T said...

Oh, I love the color combo in the stars quilt! It looks like you did a great job!

Maybe your honey doesn't like it because it's got a lot of white in it? Men sometimes freak out at something that looks like it will get dirty easily :-)

Marilyn R said...

I think your quilt looks fantastic! If you love it that is the most important part. Hubby may come around and see the quilt with new eyes when it has been quilted. If not, oh well!