Sunday, July 13, 2008


Well, today we were supposed to have a tournament baseball game at 12:30. I should still be there, but after getting 3 inches of rain yesterday, it ain't happenin'. Poor Rich has been driving around all morning trying to find out what they are going to do about the games. They had to stop yesterdays tournament games due to the rain and now they are about 2 days behind. Looks like we will be making ours up sometime on Monday or Tuesday. Unfortunately I volunteered to help with the horse skillathon on Tuesday for 4-H so there may be some fanagling going on here!
Plus J has his rabbit judging that day, so it should make for an interesting night. But I would gladly take playing tomorrow.

Yesterday was our 4-H clubs horse show, which I mentioned. I ringmastered part of the day and then worked with J and TJ so we could show. Unfortunately, it started pouring right before TJ's class. Then it slowed down and he was able to show. That was actually the 2nd rain shower that came through. The first one being about 12:30ish. Then J is in his class not a half hour later and it pours again. I mean pours. It felt like little hail hitting you it was raining so hard! I was sitting on my horse waiting for my class and it was miserable. Poor J didn't have on a rain jacket or anything. He was completely drenched! But he won the class so he must have done something right. Several of the kids in his class decided they were going to stand in the middle when it started to pour but he just kept going. Good for him, I was afraid he was going to freak out and give up! It was certainly worth him not giving up! Then I showed and got a 2nd. The girl who got first is a friend of mine and we were joking around the whole time, that was in Equitation, and the same thing happened in pleasure! But then we rode generation gap where 2 riders 10 years apart each ride and J and I won that one. Also my friend and I won the ribbon race. You and your partner have a piece of crepe paper that you hold between you and you have to ride with out breaking the paper or losing it. It got pretty interesting and was actually long for a ribbon race. It came down to us and another group. We had to do things like drop our stirrups and extend our trot. Then we had to switch positions without letting go of the ribbon so that our arm was crossed over the front of us. They also shortened the ribbons which didn't really matter to us since our horses are good together and we had been riding that close anyway! It was actually really fun and a good show. I was at the show from 8:15 am to 10:15 pm. I didn't get any pictures and no sewing got done. I came home and crashed!

So off to do some sewing and some reading. Hopefully more quilt news tomorrow!


andsewon said...

Wow..and I thought I had a busy weekend! Yours sounded more fun then mine though. WAY TA GO!! Hope the base ball games work out for ya!
We are finally getting much needed rains. Just don't like the storms that come with it!
No sewing here either an I am itch'in to do some.

Jacquie said...

Congratulations! Great job. So, does J get his picture in the local paper? The 4-H horse show is a big deal in our little town and the winners are always in the paper.

Finn said...

You are one busy lady! I remember those good old days of "run, run, run". Life is much quieter now and I enjoy that too. Just popping in to say "hi". Hugs, Finn