Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Last night were the Pet Rabbit and Horse Skillathons. They test the 4-Her's knowledge of the different animals. They have one for every animal, except poultry I do believe. J had to compete at the Rabbit one and at the Horse one. He scored 100 on his Rabbit Skillathon and about 32/40 on his Horse one. The Pet Rabbit and small animal show was also last night. He showed his rabbit in his level and received first so he got to show in the Championship show where he received Grand Champion!!! So exciting. This is the first year he has made Grand Champion. He received 3rd the first year, reserve last year and champion this year! Very cool and very exciting. Rabbit Skillathon
Rabbit Show
Horse Skillathon
I had to work the skillathon for the horses (since I am the Hippology advisor) and was there from 6-10 so I didn't get any pictures of him with his trophy. They judged it after I had to leave. J also received a high point award for the fun show series that one of the 4-H clubs puts on. He received 8th overall and only went to one show. This was the show where we were upset that he nailed the pattern but his horse whinnied and he got sixth instead of 3rd.
Eight Place High Point

Off to do some quilting, after some blog reading!!!

Being Lazy!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! My husband used to show rabbits as a kid. Can't wait until my girls are old enough for activities like that.

Jacquie said...

Grand Champion WOW! Tell him congrats! That's fabulous!!