Sunday, August 3, 2008

Fair Fun Day 5, 6, and 7!

Today is the last day of fair. I am not even going near the fairgrounds till take down tonight at 8:00. We are just hanging out at home. Its been a long week and a busy week. Its been a GOOD week! We have had some laughs, some tears and ALOT of fun. Its great to see all our friends and to get to ride with them for the last time this year at 4-H. Some we will see at other horse shows yet to come and others we won't see till next show season. Its been great!

Friday was the Championship show. I am SO PROUD of J. He did such a good job. He was nervous but he handled it very well. I got him to relax and he did an excellent job. He was a little inconsistent in his riding speed, and had one bobble in his horsemanship pattern where he turned to far during his turn, but he did WONDERFUL! Really, he probably should have placed and many people told us that. I'm sorry that he didn't, but he came out of the ring very happy with both his rides and knows that he did an awesome job, even if "the stupid judge" (his words) doesn't think so!

J in completing his pattern

J in Pleasure

Friday night I also made a friend. This pigeon was walking around by all the people watching and just hanging out. I believe he was some type of homing pigeon. He wasn't afraid of people at all and I was feeding pretzels.

Then last night was the Alumni show where parents, advisors and 4-H alumni show. I took Tee up there and am so upset with my horse. Every time we go to this show he decides he is going to be a brat! So we rode and rode and rode. Rich even rode him because he was being so bad. I have been doing most of the finishing work myself and we are figuring it out but last night he just totally ran away with me. It was horrible! Then I tried to go in ribbon race with my friend Kimmy and he was bobbing his head and bobbed right on to her horse's head. Horrible! So last night was bad.

Tee and I in horsemanship

Kimmy and I in Ribbon Race

Poor T spent the week just hanging out with friends or helping us. He doesn't mind going to the fair with his friends but even he is tired of going! Tonight, pick up our stuff and get back to normal.


Jacquie said...

I remember cleanup well and the long shower afterwards. I'm sure you all are tired from a big fair week. Congrats to J for a great ride. It's best to please yourself!

Granny Lyn said...

oh, oh, oh, tell J that he looks very impressive in the saddle, very relaxed and wonder you're a proud mamma!

Lynn said...

What interesting posts about the fair. From a spectators point of view it was neat reading about behind the scenes. You must be proud of your son.

quiltwhinny said...

Sounds like Tee doesn't like the confusion of shows. He's no different than my sister who used to get an upset stomach on the morning of our local horse show every year!

Good for you for giving it a try!
The Quiltwhinny