Monday, September 1, 2008

September Already?

I can't believe it is September already! Where has this year gone? It has just flown by and I really should at least start getting ideas for Christmas, last year I was done by mid October. I don't think that is happening this year! The leaves are already starting to change here. We get down into the 50's or 40's some nights, but lately it has been back up in the 80's during the day!

This weekend, we went to Cross Country on Saturday. Yesterday was spent at home. I cleaned the house really good while Rich and the boys worked outside. Rich played in an online poker tournament yesterday and while he did that I worked on my current project. I turned these and a jelly roll into these:

Then I made these:

Can anyone guess what they are? Bookmarks. Rich was like "What is it?", and of course J knew immediately what they were! (He doesn't even read, but he knew!) LOL!

Today I am going to work on finishing up my project, maybe start on Alyssa's quilt and I will dig back out the fabrics (already cut!) for the tree skirts I was making last year. It would be good to have it for this year, and since the year is flying by - well, I better get sewing!


HomespunMary said...

Cool bookmarks :-)

And, the quilt blocks are looking great!

Jacquie said...

love the bookmarks...are they for you? i can't believe it's september either. time just flies.

AJ said...

Cute bookmarks. I've only just started thinking about christmas as well. I want to make a special christmas quilt for each of my girls.

Marilyn R said...

Great blocks! I too started to think about Christmas. I think I started to think about it to late!

Tracey said...

Great bookmarks, i enjoy making bookmarks with my scrapes of x-stitch aida fabric, they are great for gifts for anyone.
Reading is so relaxing
Take care