Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Cages and Costumes

Well, I meant to update last night, but I couldn't find the cord to plug my camera in. I forgot to put my memory card back in my camera after the zoo and so the pictures were saved to the camera and not the cord on Sunday.

Sunday T had a double header baseball game, which they won both games. It was a beautiful afternoon for baseball, not too hot! Rich's parents came up to see some other family so his Dad and I went to the game and met Rich there since he had to work. Rich's step-mom was visiting family and picked Dad up at the game later. Here's a picture of T batting:

Then after the game I came home to work on the pirate costume for Alyssa. I have actually got the skirt cut out and mostly together, along with the scarf. I need to hem the scarf and skirt along with putting the elastic waist on the skirt. I may actually get the hang of this by the time I am done. I am waiting to do the shirt last and it is going to be the hardest. Who knows, maybe I will get some wild inspiration to make myself some clothes - yeah right! But at least there are no bindings!

Tonight I am taking J to the local rec center to run in the pool with cross country. So I will sit in the parking lot and read while he swims. Then I will come home and probably not get to work on the costume since it will be about 8:30 before we get home. But tomorrow I will definately have to get some work done on it before I go to 4-H. This is the fabric for the costume; I love the glittery spiders!

This picture was taken at the games on Saturday. J has a pet bunny that is just so calm! He was in the cage with her and I just thought - "Look, J in a cage! Perfect!"

Till tomorrow - with hopefully some pictures of completed costume parts!!


jacquie said...

you've been busy...the costume is going to be cute...love that sparkly spider fabric!

Anna M. said...

What a fun costume that will be...I love the spiders! Can't wait to see it finished! =)

Renee said...

i'd like to see a photo of the complete costume too. looks real good! i did finally make it to my sewing room the other day but not to work on my quilt, i had to work on a seat cover but at least i got something productive done. lol. keep on plugging!!!!

Macey said...

J's pet bunny is so sweet. I'm looking for some more photos of completed costume parts!!