Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Lots of Quilty Things!

I actually have had some time today to make some thing and get some things going in the quilting world! I went and picked up the pattern for Alyssa's pirate costume the other day and today I went and picked up the material. I forgot to take a picture of the material, but its really cool and I will try to remember to get a picture tomorrow. If anyone has any suggestions on how to sew from a pattern (clothes) then I would gladly take them. I have never made anything like this so it will be a new experience!

Then I came home and turned this:

Into this:

Yeah, my first one is not NEARLY as good as Crazy Mom's but hey, I am trying. I figured I would make one to see how it worked out for me and I suppose IF I had ACTUALLY followed the directions instead of just reading them through real quick it would have come out better. Now I know for the next one!

And then I cut out this:

Wonder what it's for - but I can't tell you because its a surprise!!

Tomorrow not much will get done I am sure. We have a quad Cross Country meet in Wellington so we have to leave as soon as Rich gets home. We didn't get home from the Buckeye meet till about 7 and that is right around the corner so I am sure it will be at least that late tomorrow! The good news is there are only 6 races. JR High all run together!

I also went back to the police station today for my interview with the detective. I seriously will not be happy if I don't get this job! I had to fill out 38 pages of questions that were like have you done this, have you done that, what's the worst thing you have ever got caught doing, what is the worst thing that you have done and not got caught...you get the idea. The detective, who went to school with Rich, and is now a Buckeye parent, thought it was pretty funny that I answered yes to the question asking if you have ever taken morphine, codine etc. And then of course you had to explain why you took it and I, of course, put surgery down. He was like "that's not quite what we meant, but at least you were honest!"

That's about all happening here....Till next time!


Valerie said...

I can't wait to see what you are making. Good luck on the job! Thanks for the comment on my blog!

Rachelle said...

Oh, you've gotta love those questionnaires! Gak!

Best of luck on the job!

Marilyn R said...

Your quilt blocks look great! As far sewing clothing, the only trick I learned was to make a practice piece out of a cheap cloth like muslin to see if the main body of the piece fit well before cutting into the more expensive fabric. I haven't made clothing in a long long time - mainly because I didn't know enough about altering patterns to make them fit. Can't wait to see that costume!

cornbreadandbeansquilting said...

I am really crossing my fingers for you that you get the job!
I went through the interview process to become a 911 dispatch operator here in Battle Creek. The process was insane...it took like a month of interviews, map tests, typing tests, etc. I was given my hire letter but I had to do one last test. I had to go to Chicago for a psych evaluation to make sure I could handle the calls. I guess I was too whimpy or something because after the evaluation I didn't get hired after all!! It all worked out in the end because I got the job at the quilt shop instead =)

Good luck making the costume! It's really cute.

jacquie said...

the red, white and blue blocks are fab! and good job on the basket...i wanted to, but it all looked too complicated for me. if it's not a quilt, i freak out a bit. sewing clothes would probably give me hives.

country mouse said...

Woah!! 38 pages of question?!? That almost sounded like a job in itself. lol Hope things go well with the job, and you get hired.

Love the red white and blue blocks, and good luck with the costume. I've never sewn clothes either, but one of these days I'm gonna get brave and give it a try :cD

amandajean said...

sorry to hear that the box didn't work out so well. hope it goes better next time around!

Victoria said...

Nice quilt blocks! good luck with pirate costume! I tend to wing it on those things... I just made Beatrice's "NINJA" costume... so, I'm right there with ya!