Monday, September 29, 2008

We have...

...a skirt, shirt and scarf!

Ok, the pic doesn't do it justice, but for my first "real" sewing of clothes, I am pretty impressed with myself! It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. It actually went together pretty easily. Of course, I didn't really follow the directions, but hey, it worked! Will I do this on a regular basis - ummm - NO! But for Alyssa, maybe!

Otherwise, today was work, and out to lunch for a co-worker who is leaving! We went to a very yummy mexican restraunt. It was also a no punch lunch so we got paid for it! WOO HOO!! The day was pretty hectic at work. Our system went down right in the middle of our busiest in take times and then again in the afternoon, but we survived. Otherwise, I am off to get kiddos to bed and get ready for tomorrow before I settle down for the night with my book. Hope everyone had a great evening!


Kristie said...

The costume looks great! You have done a wonderful job! I am not a clothing maker! Mine never turns out the way it is supposed to! :)

Zegi said...

You did an awesome job!! It looks great.

cornbreadandbeansquilting said...

Way to go girl~! Looks fan-tas-tic!
Doesn't it feel good to have it done? I used to make all the holloween costumes for my husband and I, but since I have had the kids I have bought them. BAD MOM! You just may have inspired me to sew their costumes this year =)



Hey Nice job! I can't stand following patterns. I make stuff up all the time... Good for you!

andsewon said...

So kuuute!!!
I think maybe you could be real good at this sewing outfit for lil one thing!!!

Marilyn R said...

Looks like you have a great costune going there! Love the spiders!

Carol in Sweden said...

I am SOOOO impressed! It's great!
I don't know how many times I've purchased cute-had-to-have patterns for clothes for Maya and have chickened out making them....then the size is too small and I go out to JoAnn Fabrics when I'm "home" and buy another batch that just sit in a drawer! AGH!

Maybe this time...after I finish the swap I'm in....I'll work on some clothes.

You'll have to show us a photo on Halloween night!
(one year I want to celebrate Halloween in the USA for Maya to experience!)