Thursday, September 4, 2008

This would only happen to me!

So I am at the police department yesterday interviewing for a job. Well, actually I was observing because I am trying to get a dispatch job at our local police department. It is 5:15 and J's race should be just about finishing up, and I should be able to leave in about 15 minutes. A police officer comes in to get something and then leaves. I am watching the screen and I think "she seems awfully close to my truck". Yep, she hit it! It's not bad damage wise, and it certainly wasn't my fault. I have a police report number etc but they told me to call my insurance guy. Guess I wasn't as focused as I should have been since the Sargent didn't take my name or number (not like they don't have it!) and he told me to call my insurance agent. So I do, and he tells me even though they said they are going to pay for it all they will probably pay for is my deductible! Wonderful! We have no money to spare and I certainly think it is going to cost more than $250 since it will have to be painted where that little black mark is. Still - shouldn't they have to pay for the whole thing? A civilian on private property would have too!!! Ok, enough of my soap box.

Not much quilting has been done this week. Its been busy with CC and interviews for the job. Plus my sewing machine was acting up a little. The tension was on 0 and it was still loose. I did look online though and found this little screw on the bobbin case that needed a little turn (half turn actually) and it fixed it right up so back to that tonight. I am working on some fall table runner/mini quilts.

I am also reading a book called "The Sleeping Doll" by Jeffery Deaver. He writes Lincoln Rhyme mysteries. I have only read one of his Lincoln Rhyme books but it was really good and this one is too. Its about a man who committed a Charles Manson style murder, but in the end you find out who really did it! 583 pages and I have 40 to go! After this one I will be onto Body of Evidence by Patricia Cornwell. I also have to read Mansfield Park by Jane Austen for my LBC on the 18th. This weekend CC is in Tiffin, and we have baseball both days in Canton! Guess I won't be seeing much of Rich or doing much sewing!


Anonymous said...

Bad luck on the car!

But, lucky you who are only about to read the second Scarpetta novel! You have a lot of fun and suspense ahead of you in the coming books. I've read all of them, and I just can't put them down until I'm on the last page :-)

Anna M. said...

Bummer about your truck...I definetely think that the insurance company of the person that hit you should have to pay for it...that's the way it's done off of police property! That's funny, because my car was hit once and on the police report they had to put down the insurance companies of both parties. You shouldn't have to pay for what someone else did! Hope everything works out sorry that happened! =)

Jacquie said...

oh no! that's the pits. you would think they would be responsible for all of it. hope the weekend goes smoother for you!