Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I have been tagged....

by ansewon for 7 things you don't know about me....

This might be hard...

1. I can write with my toes - yes they are that long! and really small feet - size 2 1/2 in kids

2. I do not eat ANYTHING that is remotely related to tomatoes

3. I'm scared of the dark

4. I am very very very afraid of bats

5. I played the clarinet in school

6. I don't eat cake, unless its ice cream cake.

7. Some day I want to visit Australia, and swim with the dolphins.

Ok, now I get to tag people:

- Melissa at Corn Bread and Beans
- Krissi at JNJ Mom
- Mary at The Closet Quilter
- Renee at My Quilted World

and whoever else wants to play!


andsewon said...

Oh wow...write with toes on those tiny lil feet!!!
Don't eat CAKE!! Oh my if only.
Uh Oh ...I bought a bat house a while back for DH to put up on back shed. Too many skeeters here and those bats do love'em so...;-)

Granny Lyn said...

I am in awe of your talented feet!! My feet are jealous..tee hee

my DIL found a bat in their house, and they moved into a hotel that night and put the house up for sale...so you're not the only one 8-)


ha~! very fun to read~~

Renee said...

okay, how do i do this? just list on my blog the seven things people don't know and tag others then? sounds fun. let me know. thanks.

Anonymous said...

Sara, so sorry for being the biggest bore in the universe, but I get so many "chain mails" and the like in my real (non-quilting) life that I've just decided to not pass them on ever. I am however very glad you thought of me, and feel so bad for not playing...

If I had made a list, though, one thing to put on it would have been that I was once, accidentally, 10 inches away from kicking the King of Sweden in the stomach!