Saturday, September 20, 2008

CC, Zoo and Awards

Well, no sewing has been done. Its just been too busy so far this weekend!

This morning was CC at Cloverleaf. J ran a pretty good race, but not his personal record/best. It wasn't really that tough of a course, so I am not sure why we didn't run a better time than 15:46, but we didn't. Oh well, there is next week. And really, he is loving it so who cares! As long as he is enjoying it and doing his best, I don't care! He was 130 out of 228. So that's pretty good! This is his first year and has never really done a sport like this (only horse showing) so this is a whole new world!

J and Rich's parents
Then we left CC and went to the zoo with our 4-H club. We had an advisor check into getting us behind the scenes at an exhibit so we got to go behind the scenes at the Rhino exhibit! It was great! She talked to us for about an hour, told us about what they eat, how they train them - everything! Then we got to pet the Rhino. They had 4 of them there, a male and three females. They also had 3 baby kangaroos and a 2 day old giraffe. We saw just about everything, but we didn't go to the rainforest since we got there at 12 and everything closes at 5. I thought that was kinda early for a Saturday, but oh well, it was fun! We stopped at the butterfly house, fed the lorakeets, saw the kangaroos, went down the snake slide, walked way! up to the top of the hill (1250 feet!) and back down, and petted the sting rays, just to name a few things!

Me, petting a rhino

Butterfly in the butterfly house


Sting Ray

Top of the hill

Feeding the Lorakeets

Wallaby - this guy was less than 5 feet from us!

It was a really great day, and fun day! I took tons of pictures for the 4-H club of different things, and just in general had fun! I love the zoo. My neighbor and I are now planning a trip to the botanical gardens and to a corn maze with the kids.

Also, Carol at What's happening with Carol, gave me this awesome award! That's so great! I always think that no one reads my blog or cares so its cool to know that people do. Thanks Carol!! I have to pick 7 people to pass it on to, so I will do that tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

The zoo trip looks like it was a blast! I wanted to be a zoo keeper when I was little =)

32point5 said...

Cool Zoo pictures. The waterfall picture is lovely! Congrats on your bloggy award!

Renee said...

looks like a great weekend. the zoo is always fun. congrats on your blog award.