Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Yeah! Power!

Well, we actually got our power back yesterday afternoon. I would have posted then, but there were a few things to do since we actually had power, like a load or two of laundry! And there is still plenty more! Plus, we had all the candles out and extension cords running everywhere! You know how it is - we just had to live a little primatively! The boys were glad that they didn't have to take cold showers anymore! Boohoo, it was only 1 day - get over it! There was enough hot water in the tank for Monday morning so we all took QUICK warm ones then! I think Rich is probably the happiest since he has been the one working the generator most of the time at night, and he likes to play poker or games online after I go to bed! LOL! And yes, they did try to hook their computers up to the generator but the cable was out too! Thank you so much for all the kind comments and thoughts! It means a lot and I certainly realized how dependent we are on some things!

So after I did a few things around here I did finish up the surprise, but its a surprise so I wonder where it is going?? Picture to be posted later of the finished product, once I know the person likes it!

Today I had to work a full day (voluntarily) so that there was enough coverage. I worked 8:00 to 4:30 with about a half hour lunch. Everyone keep your fingers crossed that Nate gets this job he wants so that hopefully I can move right into his position and score a full time with benefits position! Because I worked I missed J's cross country meet tonight, He ran a 16:44 and the kid we are trying to beat ran an 17:14. I guess this course has a lot of hills and everyone was slower. That's fine. Now on to Saturday's meet at Cloverleaf! Then Rich took T to a baseball game in Green (I think) or maybe it was Green Park. I don't know - somewhere! So I am home by myself tonight.

Then I came home and checked out my garden. My corn is definately fallen over. The pumpkins though are looking great!

Corn on the side

Then I played with CC for a few minutes, tried to get Bob to play, fed the cows some corn and rode my horse. Here are a few more pictures.

CC chasing the lounge whip

Steak and Patty

CC and Bob

I think after I catch up on all my blog reading I am going to work on some (gasp!) bindings! (gasp!). Yes, I hate bindings, but I have a few to do and then I will also probably work on Alyssa's costume. I really need to get going on that and get it done and in the mail!!


Granny Lyn said...

Wow,.,.time home alone is precious! when my kids were youn g that hardly EVER happened!

I LOVE the bindings, the hand stitches are my favorite,,,call me whatever, I know I"m a dork,,,tee hee

Anna M. said...

I hate binding as well...just takes too long for me, but it's necessary. If only there was a binding fairy somewhere that came and finished all the my dreams! =)

Marilyn R said...

When we lost our power around a month ago I found that I missed the computer more then I thought I would. The bindings are never my favorite thing to do, but I hate making labels the most!

Anonymous said...

Glad your power is back!

Hey, we should start a Binding support group LOL =)