Saturday, September 13, 2008

Rain, Rain and More Rain!

It has been raining since Thursday night. Ok, well, it is not right at the moment, but it rained all day yesterday and most of the day today. Yesterday when the kids went to get on the bus it was POURING! I usually don't drive them to the end of the drive, and wait with them but they would have gotten so wet that they would have looked like they just stepped out of the shower! And J was completely drenched after practice last night.

Today we woke up to more rain! This is what our little crick that runs through our front yard looked like. Its even higher now, but I didn't take another picture.

J had a cross country meet in Galion today so we drove down there through the downpours. Just when you thought it was going to let up, it rained harder! He had to be at the school by about 5:45 this morning so it has been a long day! We left here about 6:30 and actually got there about the time the bus got there (actually about 5 minutes ahead of the bus). I guess the bus got lost. There were only two pavillions in the entire park which was Armann park in Galion. Our coach went down last night and stayed at a bed and breakfast, then went to the park at 5:30 this morning to get us the pavillion.

The Armann Reservation

Then J races at 9:00. Just after his race goes off there is a tornado warning. Well, they didn't stop the race, but delayed the next race. Everyone kept telling us to get back to the pavillion etc and I was like I am NOT leaving my kid out here! They wanted to put the kids back on the buses, but our team decided that we were not going to do that. We figured we could take all the kids down the hill toward the resavior and while we would have to worry about a flood it would still be safer. Then we found that we could get under the bridge and there was a concrete area that would be safer for them. Needless to say, we didn't need it, the tornado never came.

J did very well today. He ran a 2.3 mile course in 15:18. He keeps improving so that is all we want. He came in 46 out of 94, got a ribbon and was SO happy! It continued to rain on and off till about 11:30ish and then it stopped raining, but got really humid. The team had a picnic and watched all the races for our kids. Rich and I headed home around 3:00 and J rode the bus. We were going to come home earlier with him if he didn't feel good and it kept raining, but he got much better as the day went on and it stopped so we let him stay. He has been fighting a head cold since Thursday and we didn't want him to get sicker.

Dad, wrapping J's ankle

Warm up/stretch with Coach Connie

I almost have my "surprise" quilted and should be able to finish it up today or tomorrow. Ohio State plays USC tonight so I will be watching at 8:00 pm. Tomorrow T has baseball (depending on the weather) in North Canton. Then it will be back to work on Monday. Hopefully I will have some quilty pictures by then! Off to blog read and quilt!


cornbreadandbeansquilting said...

Oh my gosh Sara that tornado scare sounds terrible!! I hate tornado weather, scares the pants off me. So what are you feeding J that is making him run faster and faster everytime? =)

Kristie said...

That sure is alot of rain!!!! They have been predicting rain here on and off all week but so far nothing!!!! I just love hearing about your kids.

Anna M. said...

Thanks for leaving that great tip on my blog about keeping the mosquitos away with garlic...I'll be sure to try that! Thanks again! =)

Marilyn R said...

I'm looking forward to seeing your "surprise"! Hope you get your power back soon!