Saturday, August 30, 2008

Notice The New Background

I love it! But when I uploaded the background I lost all my links etc! So if you were on my links and your not now, its certainly not because I don't like you, but I couldn't remember your url. Soooo.....If you want to comment, I'll readd it! If your new and want to - I'll readd it as well!!



Jacquie said...

oooh pretty...i love the new background. pretty fancy!

countrychicken said...

I like the background, I may have to see what I can do with mine.

Anonymous said...

Nice new background! Feels good to spice things up doesn't it?
Did you get any more corn today? That picture of your sweet corn is making my mouth water....lucky you!!! I grew up on a little farm, and that was one of the best things about it SWEEET CORN!
U of M lost yesterday =( How did your team do?

andsewon said...

Oh I love YOU!!!
YAAHH!! for new projects.
Love the fabrics.
I am cutting out a bag now to have ready by TUESDAY! Yikes!
I also have to have a baby quilt done by 9-13!! Just going to do a simple Disappearing 9 Patch one with cute lady bug fabrics!!

Anonymous said...

Cool new background! Pretty!