Saturday, September 6, 2008

Personal Best

Coach Van Epp told all the JR High kids that if everyone on the team beat their personal best she would cook them any dinner they wanted. The boys chose Beef Tenderloin, Sweet Corn, Potatoes and Cheesecake. The girls chose Pizza and movies. As of now, I know the boys made their goal. All of them beat their personal best! I don't know if the girls did, but I know the JR High boys did today.

J and Matt, warming up

Today was the Tiffin Carnival. Races starting at 8 am and going to 5 pm! There were over 3000 kids and I have no idea how many schools! There were 4 that were wearing orange like our Bucks! Our fastest JR High Boy and HS Boy both did not win. They ALWAYS win, that is how big this event is!!

Starting Line, HS boys cheering them on!

J beat his personal best by about 30 seconds! He ran a 15:11. Great job! His personal best before that was somewhere around a 15:45. I don't remember the exact time. So we are happy with that! He did beat T's girlfriend by 37 seconds the other day so we are VERY happy about that! Sometimes she is a little bossy with J.

1 mile mark

Next week a dad and I are planning on painting our hair orange. We also decided we are going to make parent shirts that are along the lines of the MC priceless commercials. They will go something like this:

Gas $100

Pay to Play $295

Spikes $85

Water $75

Watching my kid run hard


We haven't decided on the exact details, and the season is half over but we definately want to make up something like that if not for this year then next year! And we came up with a new slogan for our team. We are the Buckeye Bucks so our new slogan is "Fear the Deer". The kids love it, we all stand on the side of the course and cheer and started yelling it. Now they all are yelling it to each other! It was a great day!


Victoria said...

Hi Sara! I like the shirt idea. Priceless! very funny. thanks for visiting my blog! I'm still trying to figure out how everything works.

Zegi said...

Hi Sara! The shirt idea is great. Congrats to everyone for beating their times! That is impressive. I see you live in Medina...have you ever considered joining a quilt guild? I am on a mission to get more younger people to join. :)