Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wednesday, Wednesday.

No quilting has been done, its been a slow week for it. Monday we went to my parents for Rich to give Dad a lesson and I didn't get any done. Yesterday we went school
clothes shopping and then cross country practice. No quilting.BUT...I am currently
going to finish this post and then pin my mom's quilt and start working on something else! I have this need to get back to making something.

My job is going really well. I am really starting to enjoy it.I actually got to do something today instead of sit and watch and I think I am really getting the hang of it. Of course I have a TON of questions, but its only been 3 days so I am sure there
will be plenty more before I am done! I work for Job and Family Services(cash assistance,foodstamps,medicade etc) and its not very interesting what I am starting with,but its busy so that is good! Today just flew by! I couldn't believe it when
the person came to relieve me and said "Good Bye". This position lasts till January
and hopefully by then something else will open up and I will be able to get a full time position!

Off to do some sewing!

I'm so tired!

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Jacquie said...

good for'll be a pro in no time. cute pic...ah to be able to take naps!