Sunday, August 24, 2008


I hate computers, we have been having an issue with ours not letting us in to see our email and update blogs etc! It was so frustrating. Here all it was was a little box needed to be clicked to turn the Internet Protection on...I don't know - Rich tried everything over the last two days and so did I, but nothing worked. How irritating can that be??? We do have some security pop up that keeps popping up for some downloadable software that we have to get rid of but at least now I can update and I can email!!!

So, Thursday I picked J up from work, came home, rode my horse, and then took him to practice. After practice was a dinner for the kids at one of the parents houses. T had practice so Rich went to the other end of the county. Friday, more of the same. Rich and I went to town when I got home to exchange the shoes I bought him. Then I went to practice with J, and he took T to the football game. I ran J to his mom's after practice and then worked on Mom's quilt. I have it quilted, I just have to put the binding on.

Saturday was the first official cross country meet. It was in New London, a small town about 45 minutes SW of here. TJ did awesome coming in 5th for the team, the varsity boys team took 3rd in the meet, and then J ran his coming in 7th for the team. He therefore gets to participate on the team race next week, rather than in the open race. You have to earn your spot by making top 7 the week before. They did a really good job!! Our girls JR High team got 2nd. And our top JR boy won the 2 mile JR high race in under 12 minutes!!!!

TJ, running hard

The JR High starting line

J coming into the finish line

Today T and I went to church and then came home to get Rich. T had a double header in North Canton for baseball. I didn't get any pictures, it rained most of the time. But he seems to enjoy playing on this team, its a little funner because they are all more talented players than he usually plays with. The only problem is that it is on the other side of the county!!

I have also been reading, but nothing from my 10 in 10 list. I suppose I will have to put some books on reserve for it so that I can get started on that. I am on my second book for the weekend though and read a good 200+ pages today. Right now I am reading Map of Bones by James Rollins. Its pretty good, about a scandal in the vatican and a secret team of operatives are working to save the relics of the vatican and the church.

Lastly, a quick picture of my sock monkey baby quilt. I only have to sew the binding on but that can wait till it gets to be winter and I am inside more.

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Jacquie said...

Great job in the race! Way to go guys!!! I'll never forget those days with computer woes...since I've had my MAC not a one. It was worth every penny.