Sunday, August 17, 2008

First Race

J had his first race of the season on Wednesday. It was a 5K (3.1 mile) open race that the team went to as a warm-up for the season. He did really well. He came in at 27.23 and while he could have done better he now understands that during races you don't pace yourself so much. Especially since his races will only be 2 miles once the season starts next week. Here's a couple of pictures:
Starting Line (the lady in green is Coach VanEpp)
1/2 mile in
Finish line
8 of the mom's walked the course during the girls race. We came in last but that was okay. We were able to see the girls and cheer them on as they went past us coming back. It was fun, lots of food; everyone on the team brings something and we cook out hot dogs and just have a huge picnic with all the families.

The rest of the week was spent working on the backing for mom's quilt, I hope to get it pinned today. Also, we cleaned the house, worked in the yard, garden and flower beds some. Of course we are watching the Olympics!

My garden, doing much better

Also this week, Rich and T fixed the broken field tile in the yard that has been a hole for about 2 months. They had to rototill the dirt up to put it back in the hole since it had sat there for so long! So here they are hard at work!

Last night was the All-Night Run fundraiser for Cross Country. The kids get pledges such as a dollar a mile and then get paid for however many miles they run. They have to run a minimum of 10 and no more than 20. The run lasts from 7 pm to 7 am. The kids get locked in the stadium fence with the coaches and hang out all night. They played soccer, duck duck goose and capture the flag. Everyone brings food and they stay up all night getting to know each other. It's the "Official" start of the season. J said he had a great time and was very hyper when I picked him up at 7 this morning. I sent him to bed though and he pretty much fell right asleep! Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures. Parents don't stay - just the kids and coaches.


Kristie said...

You always stay so busy! Looks like everyone had a wonderful time!

I love living on a farm, but the work is never done, is it??

Lynn said...

looks like fun - isn't it great to see your kids busy and active?

Jacquie said...

good for hubby coached cross country for many years...i do miss attending all those races.