Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Car Washing and Jobs!

Bob the cat

Well, Its' been a kinda busy week and kinda slow. If that makes any sense. Its only Wednesday but it feels like it is Thursday or Friday. I have had a couple of interviews this week and actually got a job (temporary) that starts Monday till January. There is a good possibility of it turning into something permanent or another position opening up, so we shall see. I am going to take it and hope for the best. The hours are great too! 8-1 M - F!

Tonight is the first Cross Country race for J and TJ. I had them wash my car today because I still had all the grime on it from fair week and before. They did a great job and even cleaned out the inside and did the windows etc! Hmmm....ought to have them do that more often! The race tonight is in Rocky River and its an open race but they always take the kids to it to get one in before the actual season starts!

J washing my truck

TJ washing my truck

I finished quilting the sock monkey quilt and now just have to sew the binding on and then off to storage with it so that I can save it for my first grandbaby. This material is what I am backing this heart quilt in. I am doing something a little different with it but mom doesn't know what yet so I can't tell!

And my update on my friend Holly, She is not doing well. They cannot get her stabalized so they are putting in an artificial heart this morning and then she will have to wait a month to go back to the top of the transplant list. I am so worried and I haven't been able to go see her because I was sick. For obvious reasons I don't want to get her sick. That would be very bad! Please continue to keep her in your prayers! Thanks so much to all the wonderful comments regarding praying for her!

Till next time!

Eating and reading, what T does best!

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Anonymous said...

I am very sorry about your friend. I will continue to pray for her.