Friday, February 13, 2009


Is this not the coolest? It is on a barn near our house and I just had to have a picture. I love it!!!

And my sweater is done - it just needs to be blocked. Any suggestions??

Thanks MOM!

And some basketball pictures. We aren't winning but we are actually starting to play like a team so that is good. In fact our last game was close, and Wed they played the 7th graders (which these pictures are from) and played really well...

No sewing or quilting lately, just some cutting of some material, but I am really excited because I am going to see my BFF Krissi on Sunday and we are going to do some sewing!!! Yeah!!!

Hope everyone has a good weekend, hopefully I will get some sewing done!


Carol in Sweden said...

What fun to watch the kids' basket ball games! yahoooo! Go team!

Your yard looks like such a mess! If you have moles...they must be beavers now! yar yar...

We have a beautiful snow covering now..hope to go skiing tomorrow!

NO suggestions for your sweater..I don't do anything like that..too hard!

So jealous..wish I was joining you for sewing weekend! Have fun!

Sew Many Ways... said...

The sweater looks great, I love the color. Good luck to the basketball team and have a good time sewing this weekend!!

Terry said...

Oh that Ohio thing on the barn is just too cool! Where's that at? I don't get up that way very often anymore. Isn't this weather crazy? At least the snow isn't sticking to the ground today! I'm kind of enjoying seeing the dead grass instead of all that snow! LOL

Sheila said...

Love the barn pic! I just got an email the other day with a half-body likeness for a pillow:

Sheila, near Columbus