Monday, February 16, 2009

Ice Ice Baby

Today J and I went into town to check out the Ice Festival Carvings. Every year here they have an Ice Festival and people come into carve ice into these beautiful statues. We did not get to see any of the carving, maybe next year, because we had too many other things going on this weekend. But when we got there and just as we got out to walk up to the square (yes, we have a town square, with a gazebo) it starts to snow, and not just little snow but these big huge fluffy flakes and the wind picked up a bit. It was cold, but worth it. There were about 88 pictures on my camera when we were done, but here are our favorites!

Pink Panther

J playing Harp



Palm Tree

The Leg Lamp!!

Kangroo knits (outside LYS)

True Love


No sewing today, book club tonight and we will be staying warm! Hope everyone had a good day, back to quilting tomorrow!


Sara said...

I love the ice sculptures. A town near where I grew up had an ice festival every year. It was always fun to go to and see all the artists' work.
The Ohio sign on the barn (earlier blog post) is too cool!

Terry said...

Love the ice sculptures! The kids and I were in Loudonville about a month ago and they had ice sculptures all over town! It's amazing how detailed they can make them!

LuAnn said...

Great photos of the ice sculptures. It must have been fun to see them in person.

Quilter Going Bananas said...

Ice sculptures are so neat to look at close up, the detail is amazing. I enjoyed the pics of them. Every year where I live they have a snow sculpturing contest and people come from far and away to compete. They are great to look at too.
Are you feeling better today...fevers are no fun!

jacquie said...

amazing...i've always wanted to see something like that. so cool (no pun intended!)

2ne said...

These was amazing