Wednesday, February 18, 2009

February Finish

I finally got the binding sew on my quilt so I have my first February finish, and it will probably be my only one! The pattern is called Country French and the pattern is by French Fantasy Designs. I used the Kashmir II fabric line (I think by Moda) and the backing is just a green that I found at JoAnn's that I really like. I like this quilt because of the colors, love this fabric and it is a large lap so it will cover me from head to toe. I did simple quilting in the ditch on it rather than get too fancy or stipple it.

And I have been working on T's strips for his quilt today. I have all the other colors sewn into four strips and have them cut to sew into squares, just pink and blue to go. So hopefully this top will be done in the next week or so....

Its been a slow week for quilting this week again. I fell again yesterday and am really sore today. It was a pretty bad fall and I have several LARGE bruises on my body today. Rich was home today with a sinus infection, and because he snores like a freight train I didn't get much sleep last night. But hopefully the quilting will pick up a bit here. I am going to an open house for a cleaning company tomorrow that supposedly pays like $20 an hour....yeah, nuff said. Keep your fingers crossed for me. I need to find something!


Kaaren said...

Oh Sasa I love your quilt. The colors are so soft and you know what? It looks snuggly.

Hope your fall didn't cause you too much pain. The bruises, although ugly, will go away in time.

Good luck with the interview tomorrow. I'll say a little prayer for you and keep my fingers crossed as well.

Norma said...

Good luck with the open house! I really like the colors in the quilt and really like the soft green.....will save that idea for someday!

Hope your bruises are better...sounds like a good time to snuggle under the new quilt and read a good book!!

Quilter Going Bananas said...

Ouch! Falling is nasty, glad you only have bruises and nothing broken!
Love the colours of those strips, very pretty :^)
Let us know how the open house goes, eh? Good luck!

Zegi said...

Good luck at the interview, and I hope your bruises heal fast! That is wild that we both know Noelle. It's a small world!