Sunday, February 15, 2009

Belated Valentines

I borrowed this idea from Jacquie at Tallgrass Prarie Studio, and my boys loved it! I did mine a little differently and used bags and then used scrapbooking paper for the hearts. The two little bags are T and J's. The large bag is Rich's. I left them out on Friday night so they would see them when they came down for breakfast in the morning, J of course missed his and T actually raved about it! I thought for sure he would be like "whatever" being the typical 14 year old boy, but he loved it! He must have thanked me 30 times. And of course Rich loved his. His has a few more hearts and some "personal" things that only he would understand in it, along with the normal stuff. My thought is that I can make more hearts and leave them periodically and they will know exactly what they mean. And will have a place to store them.

Yesterday was spent mostly on the couch for me. I ended up having a temperature of about 102 and was just miserable. I did take the boys to the ortho and then took T to the drs. He banged his elbow at the game on Wednesday and hasn't really been able to grip anything since. But it is getting better and the Dr. said it is just a contusion and tendonitis. Coach won't let him practice till he sees the dr. so that is taken care of. Then I spent the day sleeping for the most part.

I did finish my book for bookclub this weekend (which is tomorrow). It is Revolutionary Road by Richard Yates. I didn't love it, but I didn't hate it. It is coming out as a movie so that is why it was picked. I am going to start the first Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants next. And of course all my TBR and challenge books!

Today T and I are going to my BFF Krissi's for her and I to sew and the boy will hang out with her daughter. J is at a rabbit show with his mom and Rich went to his Dad's to get our taxes done. I don't expect Rich back till about 7 or maybe later tonight. Tomorrow there is no school so J and I are going to go check out the Ice Festival that is this weekend in town. They have a whole bunch of ice carvings up so we are going to go see the work. I will definately post pictures, there are always some really neat ones! Hope everyone had a good Valentine's Day and is staying warm!


Sew Many Ways... said...

Great Valentine's bags for your family. Hope you're feeling better and get to enjoy your sewing day!!

linda said...

Hi Sara,
I'm sitting here, on a lazy, snowy Sunday morning looking at blogs written by people from Ohio. I noticed the pictures of the boys playing basketball, and asked my daugher if she knew any of them. She did. It sure is a small world, our kids go to school together!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful bags you have done,
Take care

em's scrapbag said...

Hope you are feeling better. I did the same thing for Valentines. Have fun at the ice festival, stay warm!