Monday, June 9, 2008


Today's post is going to be short, and sorry, no pictures. Its been busy again, but I have gotten most of my yellow quilt quilted. If I run out of thread one more time then I quit! Also I picked up 3 more batiks for my batik triangle quilt that isn't even started. It requires 75 fat quarters...I have about 60. I am also finishing up the binding on my red, white and blue quilt.

This past weekend was busy but relaxing if that makes sense. I got my swing stained, we got the garden rototilled and 4 rows of corn planted. I am planting 4 more probably early next week. We got the grass cut, the weed eating done and got to ride. There was also a baseball game and a horseshow (I had to be ringmaster for 4 classes- contesting) but otherwise we didn't do much but hang out. I have also been trying to walk 2 miles a day. We (mom, J and I) are going to do a 5k (3 mile) walk on Fourth Of July.

My friend Rhonda wants a quilt so I am trying to decide what to make her. I want something with sage green in it so it will go in her family room, just not sure yet. She also wants to make a quilt for her friend who has cancer.

My job is going great and I love the guys I work for. I just wish I could stay. It will be 6 weeks next week and my last day is the 20th. I wish there were some way for me to be able to stay and the other girl to have to leave. I know thats horrible, but these guys are great! They leave me alone, and are fun to be around when they are around. They travel some and always seem to be in meetings. I worked for this company 10 years ago, I left in 99 actually to go to school and have been trying to get back in for a few years now. It just never seems to work out!

And lastly, my baby turns 12 on Wednesday. I can't believe we are on our last year of tween! It seems like just last year or two that I met him when he was 4! He went to the daycare that I was an after school teacher at and that is how I met his father! He is so grown up in some ways and still such a little boy in others! But he is my baby, and always will be.

Sorry this is short, but I am off to catch up on a few things. Yes, at 10 pm I am going to do dishes! That hour nap today totally threw me off! LOL!

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