Sunday, June 15, 2008

Two in one weekend!

Posts - that is!

Yesterday when I was posting I forgot to put up a picture of the awesome little quilt I won from Jacqui. I absolutely love it! and I am actually using it for something. I have this huge cup that I drink water from all day long and the mini quilt is a perfect size for this cup. She also, wonderful lady, sent this material with the mini quilt. T loves baseball and this will be perfect for something for him. I think I am going to add it in his quilt that I will be making him for his birthday in December.

And as I stated yesterday today is our anniversary, 6 years. Here's a picture of Rich and I two years ago. Not the greatest picture. It was taken at Ashley's graduation from Fire Academy in NC. We drove down, went to graduation, went to lunch and drove home. It was on a Wednesday and we both couldn't get the time off nor did Rich want to take the boys out of school for that long. We are firm believers that they give you vacation time, take them then.

Tomorrow, J, TJ and I are going to Columbus for the last Hippology competition this year. We have to leave a 5:45 so its going to be early to bed for us. There are 6 kids total going, and we are gonig to have a cookout for lunch. Everything is just about packed except for the veggies, and the muffins for breakfast. Its too expensive to feed these two something like Burger King and the longer we sleep the better!

Tomorrow I hope to have pictures of competition, my lettuce (which is doing wonderfully!) and my corn growing.

Also, I helped my mom set up her blog today, but there are no posts on it yet, so check it out in the next few days.!

Hope everyone had a great fathers day and a great weekend!


Niki said...

You are welcome to come join us quilters on my new just us quilters blog. Get listed!
We'd love 2 have you. Hugs! Niki

Flip Flop Floozie said...

Sara..thanks for stopping by my humble blog!! You know i cannot wear flip flops!!
I have OLD FEET I guess. ENJOY them while you can.
i love new visitors. So glad to see you dropped by..
You have a great blog too!!
I also went to your mother's blog and left a comment there. I love blogging. My name came about very unusually but so many have liked it that I kept it.
Oh and just to let you know..I am NOT a FLOOZIE!! Sandy

Blogger said...

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