Wednesday, June 25, 2008

So Little Time... post that is.
We have been really busy this week with lots of things going on. Monday night T had a baseball game and J and I spent the night bathing horses and getting things ready for a fun show on Tuesday. Tonight T had a baseball game, there was a 4-H meeting, Thursday is a late baseball game, Friday is getting ready for a show, then shows on Saturday and Sunday, along with baseball on Saturday night. I worked Monday and part of Tuesday, and spent today getting the house cleaned up a little more.

J had a fun show yesterday, which was nice and small. He did okay in showmanship (not our stongpoint) and great in horsemanship. We were a little upset though because he nailed the really hard pattern (1 of 3 kids that counter cantered) and the judge marked him down for his horse neighing and him trying to stop it. I didn't think that was fair and neither did anyone else we talked to. But what can you do? Its only one persons opinion and we will move on. J was really upset though, but we talked to him and explained that it wasn't his fault, that he did awesom and showed him the video tape. I think he is okay with it now. I think he was more upset that kids who didn't do the pattern right at all placed a little higher than him which made him think he did something wrong. This weekend there are two horse shows so we will go to those and see what happens. I didn't get any pictures though because I video taped the ride. When (IF) I figure out how to load it and put it up here I will, but don't hold your breath! LOL!

T's baseball team has been on a hot streak, winning their last 4 games. Tonight they 10 runned the other team in the 5th. That is always nice, especially if it is a cocky team. Tonights wasn't but the team they played last weekend was HORRIBLE!

Yesterday I had a check-up at the cardiologist. For those of you that are "new" to my blog I have congenital heart disease and had open heart surgery in January. It was a rough time, but everything is wonderful now! I feel great, and the drs are really impressed with my progress. I was taken off my amiodarone (which is helps control fast heartbeats) yesterday, which makes me really happy since it has lots of bad possible side effects. I am still on lasix and potassium, but that's fine. I am VERY happy with how things worked out, even though it was kinda scary for awhile. While we were up at the clinic I took a couple of neat pictures with my camera phone. There was this, a man made out of metal letters. Its hard to see in this picture, but he was really cool!

and this: A "stream" that flows through the building to waterfalls on each end.

Tonight Ashley (Rich's stepdaughter) is coming home from NC. She is living down there with her boyfriend, and is coming home to see her Grandpa while he is still alive. Her mom's dad is pretty sick and has terminal cancer. They are staying with us and will be here till Monday. Unfortunately they will not be here till about 1 in the morning so its going to be a late night and hopefully not to early of a morning. I will definately take some pictures while they are here, we haven't seen Ash in about 2 years.

I have also finally gotten to a point on J's quilt where I feel I have accomplished something. I have 4 small pinwheels per square and then there will be sashing around each large square. There will be approximately 38 blue squares and 5 red squares. The red squares have a "horse" material, and will be the corners and the center square.

I have a few more things to do before Ash gets here (like move a bed!) and then we will be all set. We also have wicked storm coming in - lots of lightning so far. Hopefully the kids won't have any problems getting here!

Til next time!

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Jacquie said...

So glad to hear you got a good report from the doctor! Good for you. Loving those pinwheels. So cute!