Sunday, March 15, 2009

Signs of Spring

Today is a beautiful sunny day, as was yesterday. Its about 55 degrees today and hopefully will stay this nice throughout the week! I want it to get warm and stay warm. I haven't cleaned out my flowerbeds yet, in fear that we will get another snow!

My horse is loving being outside, as you can tell he is nice and dirty!

My Kylie Kitty

Yesterday we cleaned up the barn and house, then Rich went to a poker tournament to support the baseball and the kids all had plans. T went to the movies with his girlfriend, J went to the rec center with his friends and I went to dinner at the local "real" mexican resteraunt with my friend Krissi! It was so delicious and filling! The resteraunt is owned by Mexicans and make authentic Mexican dishes.

Today Rich went to the other barn with J and I went for a 2 mile walk, after that I made these blocks for my Sylvia's Bridal Sampler.

I received this lovely package in the mail yesterday. It came from Dionne and has the greatest fabric in it! I love love love it and a turtle keychain and shell necklace, all from her Hawaii trip! Thank you so much Dionne! I love it!!

Rich wants to play in a poker tournament so I guess my blog reading will have to wait till later. Between him and the kids homework I haven't gotten on all day! Guess I will go kill some lego guys! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!!!

J's hermit crabs


JNJMOM said...

I had so much fun last night. Our dinner was soooo yummy. Pete loved the left overs too. Today he made chicken enchildas...yummo! I made fried potatoes for lunch...I cut the tip of my finger! It keeps throbing. Trying to type is kinda funny.
Love ya,

Noelle said...

Which Mexican restaurant did you go to? I was going to suggest that you, Kristina and I do a girl's night out dinner sometime, since I haven't seen either of you in AGES!

I've seen signs of Spring, too. I have some tulips sprouting. And today we took Bugsy for a nice long walk!

Allison said...

Hi Sara, I am in Broadview Heights, I think I'm like 25 minutes or so North of you, just 10 miles south of Cleveland. But if you decide to go let me know! I am trying to convince my friends that they want to go so I have company!

kangaroo said...

I LOVE that blue square on the bottom right! Your productivity is inspiring.

em's scrapbag said...

Your squares are lovely. Love the bright fabric from Hawaii. That will be fun to play with.

Carol in Sweden said...

Oh the Mexican food made my mouth's one of the things I miss the MOST about living in Sweden...after Los Angeles, with the REAL ENCHILADAS...this Swedish-Mexican is for the trash! (they serve it without beans!!! without beans! not Mexican!)

Dionne said...

I'm so glad you got your little package! Love the squares (and the hermit crabs)