Saturday, March 7, 2009


..unfortunately, nothing quilty!
I am still working on getting the sashings and border on the guitar quilt, otherwise, nothing....
We have been busy around here the last few days. Thursday I did some sewing and cleaning. It was also about 60 so J and I went for a 2 mile walk. It was so nice!!!

Dreary brown...

Sam, J found him in the garage

J playing in puddles

Then yesterday we were all home so I cleaned the house while the boys did stalls. Rich decided to take on 2 training horses. He was a horse trainer before he had kids and it wouldn't support them anymore. Then he wanted J to make his own name and not be known as Rich's kid so he hasn't really done any training (other than ours & dads) since about 8 years ago. He picked up these two horses from a lady that he has known a LONG time (she is as old as my grandma) and he has worked with her many times in the past. She just wants these horses finished for her granddaughters so it won't be too hard!
So then Rich decides he wants to get a new girth and new saddle pad. So we go to the local tack shops, we get girths, but no saddle pad. Both offered to order it, but Rich being Rich had to go and look and feel. So we went to Big Dee's tack. It was awesome! I loved it! If only it were closer to home, I would get a job there! Big Dee's originally started out as the tack shop for Northfield Park at the track and has grown since then. So we picked up two neoprene saddle pads while we were there and of course looked at everything we (I) possibly could!
Today I went to a couple of places that are hiring. Hopefully something will come up. And then when Rich gets home we are going to head over to the barn where the two horses are (they have an indoor, we don't) and he is going to ride. Then we will come home, have dinner and hang out.

Tomorrow I plan on sewing ALL day, except when we go to the other barn and that is it!
Have a happy weekend!


Kaaren said...

Hi Sara,

Sounds like my kind of day. My husband said to me while we were having dinner that this was the first Saturday in a long time where we weren't running from here to there. It was nice. Picked up some groceries, took the dogs for a walk and just took it easy. We both enjoyed it for a change.

Have a great sewing day tomorrow.

LuAnn said...

Isn't this weather great???? We just stayed home today and enjoyed having the house opened up. Hope you get to sew some tomorrow.

Iva said...

Hey Sara,
Thanks for stopping by. Wish we had some of the rain that you received. It is so darned dry here!

Horses are awesome aren't they. ExH and I used to train also (for racing). Loved the characters of those horses, but not the other... that's why he's now the ExH.

Happy Quilting!

Mary Q said...

What a fun day you had, Sara! Wish I could've tagged along with you and Rich and been a little shadow while you guys did horse things!

Noelle said...

Sounds like a fabulous Saturday. Dave and I took the dog for a walk to enjoy the fabulous weather. Then we spent the rest of the day bumming around the house, except for when I ran over to my parents' to let their dogs out. It was a rather relaxing day.

Norma said...

My grand daughter would be your new best friend, you have HORSES! LOL