Saturday, March 28, 2009

Academic Challenge

Today T competed in the Academic Challenge competition for Jr High in our county. There were 9 teams there, including ours. Our team has 21 7th and 8th graders on it and each student was able to compete in 1 full round. There were 7 rounds with 1 bye round per school. T had basketball during most of the practices and we required him to attend basketball (we paid for that!) versus Ac Challenge. So he only went to about 5 practices. His coach for ac chall was very grateful for those he could attend, understood why he couldn't and the coach did play T even though he didn't have to. So we were pleased with that and happy! I would like to see T continue this in high school. He is certainly smart enough and seems to really enjoy it. He smoked the other teams/kids when he played! (and T does not have a shirt due to not attending the practices, he wasn't there when they were ordered).

Doing a math problem

The entire team

In other news, yesterday was a day of errands so very little got done. And then today was the competition and we got home about 2:30. My parents lives less than 3 minutes away from where it was held so we stopped there on our way home. I have spent the rest of the afternoon rocking to my iPod and sewing. What you may ask, well that is a surprise. It is a gift for ???
But here is a sneak peak!

When Rich gets home from the other barn we are going to make pizza for dinner and then hang out for the rest of the day. Tomorrow we are supposed to get rain and maybe snow so we will be hanging out inside if that happens! This week is a meeting, baseball practice 2 days, first track meet on Wednesday, Hippology Thursday, and then a fund raiser for high school baseball on Friday. Saturday we have Horsebowl competition! It will be a busy week during the evenings this week!

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!!!


Juliann in WA said...

I haven't done any stitching yet but I have had a lovely day. I have been cutting pieces for a wall quilt - and then tonight I will work on that little bird mat when we watch TV. We have snow and rain in our forecast for tomorrow also, Yuck!

Dionne said...

It's been sewing all day for me. You've got a busy week ahead of you!

Sandy said...

I remember those times well when 3 kids were involved in all kinds of activities. I remember I was so grateful when the oldest learned how to drive. It helped a lot.
Great job on Academic Challenge, you must be so proud!

Robyn said...

Hello you busy girl... I'm simply popping by to say 'hello' :D
Was thinking of you!! I am!

Sounds like T has had a very successful Academic Challenge competition...congratulations!!

Oooh you secret sew-er... so funny, it msut be getting to that time of year... Looks very nice!

Ok, just a Pop By...
hugs Sara!!
Robyn xx