Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New Obsession

The boys got an Xbox 360 for Christmas and it came with 2 free games, Kung Fu Panda and Indiana Jones Lego. I love the Indiana Jones game. I have been steadily working at getting all the treasures and guys and everything you can! Rich and the boys are laughing at me because I have never played a video game with this much intensity. I have about half the game beat and am diligently working on the other half, which would explain why no sewing is getting done around here!

Today I plan on getting started on quilting T's guitar quilt. In fact I am going to - No more Indaina Jones till I get his quilt done. I hate this part of quilting so that is why I tend to procrastinate. But I need to do this and get it done!

Also, I joined Robyn at daisyquilts in an adventure. She started Quilts 4 Hearts, an organization that donates quilts to children in need of open heart surgeries. She works with a mission group called Hearts of Hope who help children with heart disease in poverty stricken countries get the medical care and surgeries they need. Many of you know that I have congenital heart disease and this I just have to do. There was no question about it. And I am proud to announce that in working with Robyn I will be the contact for the United States/Canada. Please check out the website and consider donating to this great cause!

And its raining here again. I am off to do a small bit of blog reading and the to quilt the guitars.
Stay dry and warm!


Robyn said...

Wooohooo!!! Good early morning and hugs to you Sara!! Friend :c)
Have the best day!!
Robyn xx

Jude said...

Thank you for visiting. I'm no good at these games, i've tried and tried. The latest was some adventure on a desert island, you had to go round picking things up, except that I kept forgetting to keep the fire alight so died of hypothermia at night and lost everything....

Sara said...

What can I do to help re: quilts for hearts? I'll take a look at the link!
Thanks for commenting on my blog! Give the embroidery a try! I think you'll like it and it's a very portable hobby!

Carol in Sweden said...

The quilting 4 hearts seems like a great cause...I'll check it out!

Norma said...

Nice of you to take on this cause, sounds like a good one with children involved.

I have been trying to get past the last section of the game "ZUMA" now forever and ever. Don't think it is going to ever happen! SIL says it does have a end but I am doubtful!

Kaaren said...

Hi Sara,

I'm interested in donating a quilt. Will the quilts that are donated "this side of the pond" stay in North America or go elsewhere? Not that it matters, I'm just curious.