Monday, September 7, 2009

9.3 Dozen

That friends, is how much corn I put up this weekend. And there is still a TON out there! We planted only corn, pumpkins and tomatoes this year. I know that is an odd number, but the goal was to put 7-8 ears in a bag when I froze it so that I could just pull out a bag and heat it up. Thus it was an odd number!

My helper, Oscar

Our tomato plants got ran over and only 1 survived. The rest is flourishing!! I will have some pictures tomorrow of my HUGE pumpkin!

And lastly a picture from last week where the GF, the neighbor and the boys were playing rummy.

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend! No blog reading for me tonight, lessons to work on!


Terry said...

There isn't much better than corn fresh from the garden! Our corn is past already but hubby brought home 3 dozen on Saturday. We ate some and froze the rest. It was SOOO good! :0)

karenfae said...

I love fresh corn on the cob and I haven't had it for awhile - I will have to get some, I can make it outside seeing as we are in the camper right now.

Kaaren said...

Now there's an idea for dinner! We have a farmer's stand right around the corner from us so I think I'll head over later and buy some corn and tomatoes. Yummo!

Lynn said...

Oh jeez - I have to turn off this computer and start putting up peaches. Your corn looks delicious.

Granny Lyn said...

We did our corn this morning, too, but we leave ours on the cob, we just wrap the whole cob in Saran before puting it in the bag, and it is wonderful! so good to have our own corn on the cob in the middle of January!

we also did 37 qts of tomatoes yesterday,,,mmmm,,,we eat good around here!

love that quilt on the machine! it is awesome!

Brenda said...

Fresh corn is so good, I know you and your family will enjoy it.

Karen said...

I'm looking forward to seeing your pumpkins!