Sunday, October 4, 2009

Finally! Some Sewing!

I have finally gotten around to doing some sewing. Ok, no actual sewing took place, but preperation was in full swing today! And might continue for a little longer!

I actually spent the day cutting t-shirts for the coach's gift for cross country. We voted to buy a shirt from every single race and make them into a quilt. So that is what I did all day!

cut out shirts!

And a few weeks ago I received this beautiful quilt in the mail. This was a PIF from over a year ago from country mouse in the city.

We have been busy with cross country and working. I am loving my new job and can't believe how fast the days go! The weather is getting colder and the leaves are changing. I haven't gotten to take pictures at cross county. Yesterday was at Woodridge which is all hills and was all mud! The kids were sliding down on their bottoms it was so muddy!

I also want to make a quick blanket for my new 2nd cousin, Madelyn, who was born on the 2nd. Rich celebrated 44 on the 1st!

I also joined Karen at Sew Many Ways "I Spy Swap". She is already getting fabric in and I can't wait to see what we all get!

I didn't get to get all my blog reading done tonight, but I will be back at it tomorrow for those I haven't gotten to!

Have a great night!


linda said...

I finally got around to do some sewing for myself today too! Can't even remember when I did that it's been so long.

Quilter Going Bananas said...

Glad you got to play in your sewing room today even if it wasn't actually sewing :^)

Zonnah said...

That is going to be a cool quilt :)

Kristie said...

Your projects look great! I want to make a T Shirt quilt for Andrew soon.

Lynn said...

I like the tee shirt quilt idea - how smart to buy a tee shirt for each race. I have started saving my kids tees for one of these one day. Lovely pif you've received.

Granny Lyn said...

Happy Birthday to Rich! hope the weekend was better there than it was here, very cold and wet, not good for celebrating birthdays...

the t-shirt quilt will be great for the coach!!! what a good idea!

Robyn said...

Hi Sara :D
So glad you're getting to some sewing and so glad you're enjoying your job and life.
Happy Birthday to Rich.
Love all your huge pumpins too.
Robyn xx