Sunday, November 23, 2008

WOOOOHOOOO!!!!!! WE BEAT MICHIGAN!!! (sorry all you Michigan fans out there!)

I unfortunately did not get to watch THE GAME, because I was at work, but I heard it was a good game.

Yesterday Rich hooked up the gas wall heater in the basement. We have a gas well on our property so we ran a line to the house and bought a small wall unit. It did a great job heating the floors and when I went to bed it was about 73 according to the thermostat. They also cleaned stalls and then watched the game. It was nice and toasty in here when I got home!

After I got home from work last night my parents came over and we had dinner. My brother came over too, and they guys watched football while us ladies chatted. Dinner consisted of pizza, veggies, chips and cookies. J made cookies yesterday (he is not a football fan) so he made these. Can you read them??

He tried hard and they say "The Ohio State" "O" and "Go Bucks Win". And Mom took this picture of the 4 of us. Rich was whinning that he didn't want his picture taken, but you can't say no to mom, right?

Nothing happening in the sewing world, been working and don't have off till Thursday. Today was a little stressful at work since I started answering 911 calls. Kinda scary when that phone goes off since it is LOUD and sounds like a siren! But I did it and didn't completely freeze!

Right now I am reading Inkspell, and enjoying it. It is at Teen book and a friend recommended it to me. It's about this guy who can read things out of books, like characters when he reads aloud and he read out a villan many years ago and now they want him to do more.

Tomorrow is the cross country banquet and I will have some more pictures then, otherwise, nothing happening. Off to blog read, and then read some more and bed! Tomorrow I work 5a to 3 p again!


Takako said...


I'm not yet a die-hard Bucks fun, but I'm excited about our team. It is very possible for them to go one of the Bawl game...

J did a good job baking yummy looking cookies!!!

cornbreadandbeansquilting said...

Hey now, I wouldn't get too excited about beating Michigan this year. They are kinda just getting it together this year. But from what I hear they are going to be one of the best teams EVER in the coming years. Many of their best players are red-shirted this year.
M go Blue!!! LOL

Lynn said...

Congrats on the game! I liked Inkspell - in fact one good thing about having kids is they provide an excuse for reading kid-lit(I just made that word up). there are so many great and imaginitave books out there.

Carol in Sweden said...

those cookies are so cute! Good you took a photo to remember them!

I miss college football...went to IU which has never had good football...but in my heart I'm a FLORIDA GATOR!!!! (where I grew up)
And they are doing really well again this year! So watch out! GO GATORS!