Friday, November 28, 2008

A Vicious Game....

Sorry happens to be my favorite game so of course I had to play! And yes, it was vicious, we were having a great time sending people back and knocking each other back to start!

Last night we went down to my In-Laws and spent a few hours down there. We had leftovers since they ate earlier and just hung out. Rich's niece's Abby and Emily came home with us (they live by Columbus) and we just got back from meeting their mom halfway. The kids all had a great time and it was nice to spend some time with Dad, Alice and Uncle Dave.

Abby and Emmy

My Love!

PS: Check out that quilt behind Rich (the yellow one) - not one I made, but I like it!


andsewon said...

Love it too!! We used to play cut throat as well.. ha!!Also Scrabble. Mama and I would play Rummy 500 most often.
Sadly my DH does not like to play cards or games so I have to wait on kids to visit or do on pc.
Those are some cuties for sure!
Oh my you have a handsome fella there!!;-)

Kristie said...

Looks like lots of fun family time! That is what it is all!!!

32point5 said...

Aww...looks like you all had nice time together!
I'm an only child but I used to go to my Mums cousins house in New Brunswick for summer vacation. Lot's of kids and board games. TROUBLE was my favourite!

jacquie said...

my boys used to love that game. it can be vicious...they loved that part too. hope you had a lovely holiday.

LuAnn said...

I haven't played Sorry in years. Usually we play Euchre at family gatherings, but now we all have a Wii so we are playing a different kind of game at least for awhile. We also love to get out our Clue board game and play that. In my daughter's last years of college she and her friends played dominoes so we were into that for awhile. I love these holidays with family. Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving!!

Renee said...

i have to say i've never played sorry. i'll have to try it someday. my brother and i got in 3 hands of a rummy game on thanksgiving. lol. it was fun. i hope you enjoyed your time off and looks like you had a great holiday. take care.

Lynn said...

I remember playing sorry - but I don't think my kids played it. We played lots of monopoly this weekend - and I won - I promise you it's the first time ever. My family was highly suspicious as I was the banker. We play scrabble and this fun little game called banagrams - it is a great game. I am so hooked on it.