Thursday, November 20, 2008

Booking Through Thursday

Do you think reviewers are obligated to put up a good review of a book, even if they don’t like it? Have we come to a point where reviewers *need* to put up disclaimers to (hopefully) save themselves from being harassed by unhappy authors who get negative reviews?

This is one question that I am honestly not sure of the answer. I think that many reviewers do give good reviews, even if they don't like the book, just because they feel obligated. One of the reasons I tend to not want to review books - because I don't like to feel pressured to read a book and if I don't like it then I am going to want to say so (or not finish reading it!). As for disclaimers, well, that might be going a bit far, but yes, we probably are getting to that point. It won't be long before an author sues a person over a bad review. This is really sad because there are so many great books out there! But everyone prefers something different. I have read books before that others have loved that I think not so much..and vice versa. I would hope that reviewers would be honest in their review, then maybe the author would consider reworking the book before it becomes published.

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